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Hotfix 13.3.1


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Really happy that these tweaks have been made, though they need some refinement.


Now Banshee is actually a really good infested defense frame. Pop a Sonar, Sonic Boom the enemies away, and Sound Quake while your enemies pick them off. The energy drain is really low with efficiency mods (Flow helps a ton with its extra energy) so you can go for pretty long periods of time with the ability (especially if your teammates all have Energy Siphon).



Guys, give DE some time. Mostly every time they have nerfed something, they've tried to counterbalance. Okay, not Snow Globe or Bastille, but still. You'll adjust to these changes eventually.


At least, I'm hoping they plan on tweaking Blessing further since I like to play with all the frames that I have (Trinity was the 3rd frame I built).

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I must say when you showed the armor pieces in that trailer, actually made me think that it was some kind of new clan tech with practical use.

I mean gear with mod slots to increase shields, health, armor rating, resistances, mobility, utility, ammo, energy, stamina, C.C at least all that

(maybe unique armor auras?) . 

which would free space for warframe power cultivation.

But no...its another deco piece...However you inspired a new concept...PRACTICAL-CLAN-TECH-ARMOR-PIECES.

Please make clan tech only(maybe some awesome market ones to) battle crown for overlord only and other clan rank related armor pieces THAT ARE NOT MARKET ONLY FOR GOODNES SAKE!

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Guys, i found a glitch/bug , it you cast soundquake right before you get killed you get stuck in that pose , you can get back by being revived and killed again , and im posting this here beacuse i dont know how to report bugs , XD.

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Thanks DE, really..

A game like this nerfed for no reason. Iron Skin nerfed, Trinity's Blessing no longer gives the damage immunity, Nekros.. well, if i shoot at the Red Cross i make less damage. Shadows of the dead raise now just 2 useless npc. Some weapons in the shop are missing like machete (how can someone use that damned Sundering Weave if there is no more machete inside the shop? No point to drop a mod like that all the time if there's no weapon.), the gorgon, some shotgun, and so on... Not to mention the avalanche of errors & bugs that comes all the time that an hotfix appear. I understand that there's need of a balance, but with all these nerf its like if we're playing at Warcraft.

No, really, thanks..

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I alerted a dev about desecrate. It still seems to be 'triple casting' after hotfix. Not exactly sure what happened since patch notes don't mention anything about nekros. Hopefully you aren't trying to change anything on him. The power in use sound is very annoying.


What ?...

No it wasn't "triple casting", but "faster" casting, and IT WAS FINE.

It was an improvement of Nekros, after the nerf of Trinity, a solution for make Nekros more enjoyable and more competitive in front of trinity.

With this improvement i spammed the touch 3 times to be succefull, now as before, 10 times...

Too fast casting for you ? Well, removed Natural talent and put an other mod, for example a mod for more viablity during desecration (Quick thinking, Vigor etc...).


Why ?


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