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Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submissions

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Project information: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/225737-enemies-of-the-tenno-design-project/


Please submit a design idea for a new Grineer enemy type.


Required Format:


Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max)

Behavior:  (max 200 words)

Attacks: (max 200 words)  

Environment restrictions:  (max 20 words)

(Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).




Name Suggestion: Grims

Behaviour: This enemy, codenamed ‘Grims’, hides in the shadows of Phobos waiting for unsuspecting Tenno.

Attacks: This Grineer enemy type has armored skin(much like Grineer armor) and jagged spikes. They launch themselves at Tenno and burrow into their Warframes; attempting to rip them apart.

Environment restrictions: Yes, only inhabits hot/sand planets. 

Optional Art: http://room42.wikispaces.com/file/view/lizard.jpg/33585377/lizard.jpg




1 Submission per user.

Submissions must be for GRINEER enemy type.

No bosses - these are for regular mission encounters.

No Reserving spots.

No breaking format/exceeding image cap or wordcount.

Post locks May 23rd at 12:00 noon EDT!

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Introducing; [size=5]The Bastard[/size] – A medic fueled by bile, filled with fuel*




Behavior: The Gremlin hull-worker, also known as "Bastard", was originally not meant to go to battle. They were fielded strictly as support units following their battle modification, and will gladly let the Grineer Lancers deal with the actual fighting. The Bastard is unpopular both due to his unconventional support and their tendency to treat fellow Grineer as meat fodder.


Attacks; Twin Gremlins: When “volunteers” are sent to be converted into hull workers, they leave equipped with built-in Twin Gremlins that they use when working in Ceres or repairing active Galleons throughout the system. But these bolters can be used offensively just as well. They will focus mainly on applying the "Puncture" status as much as possible (high proc chance) on intruders, and will stand down if every intruders has been debuffed. The physical shields which were bolted to their arms (as part of their militarization) allows the Bastard to cover his container of fuel, at the cost of losing all long-range offensive ability in exchange for protecting his weakpoint. When "healing" an ally, Bastard can either blind-fire to suppress enemies or cover his weakpoint. His shields are not able to cover the fuel tank completely, nor can it go 360 degree around the tank.


Ability; Welding arc: While the factory welding-arc they are equipped with can be used as an emergency close-quarter weapon to little effect, it is primarily used to cauterize his allies' wounds and repairing their armor with it's intense heat. The use of such a crude support tool makes the Bastard unpopular with Lancers, hence his nickname. Grineer units "healed" by the Bastard recover 50% of their missing health and gets a buff to their firing speed and reload speed, as if they were angry and had to 'unload' – literally, as it happens.


Attack; Kick: If an enemy is in melee range, the Bastard might try to kick it down. If it successfully pins down a victim under one of its "feet", it can apply the Magnetize debuff to the victim, using the magnets which allows it to tread the ship's hull and complete deep-space repairs. This can be interrupted if allies of the victim are fast enough This is a last resort melee attack, Bastards will not stampede enemies in order to proc the debuff.


Ability; Explosion: When the Bastard is killed by a bullet to his fuel tank, he explodes, dealing blast damage. Can be proc'ed both by opportunist Tenno Marksman, or by opportunist Grineer in an attempt to take down both the Bastard and nearby enemies . Grineer units only try to off the Bastard if he is about to die and an enemy is close.


Environment restrictions: There shouldn't be any issue, he's larger than regular marines, but not much higher. The animation department will probably hate me tho once they deal with stair animation.


[size=2]He's not actually fueled by bile, it's a metaphorical tagline.[/size]

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Shield bombardier




The sisters stared in suspension, unable to comprehend the technology their scientists had placed before them. What they had asked for was a device capable of effectively crushing Tenno rebellion. Scientists came in day and night, each offering new technology; Better clones, Effective anti-tenno turret technology, Plus sized Arc traps, flaming rollers, longer ranged scorpion riplines. Eventually running out of smart ideas to upset the space samurai; one Imbred grineer scientist handed a napalm a shield and a Helion jetpack. Realizing that it'd be OP and far too cruel to the Tenno he essentially resettled on giving a bombadier a smaller shield. The twins were pleased. 





The shield is thin and doesn't cover the shield bombadier's face, because the shield bombadier is beautiful 

However, the shield also doesn't cover the shield bombadiers legs. Don't make comments about his legs or his plus size weight. He's a sensitive guy. Also he's a sensitive guy with a big gun. I wouldn't. 

However, he's not sensitive to bullets. Heavy alloy armour. The weak points are the midsection. The belly and the lower spine. Encouraging teamwork and flanking tactics. 



 Unlike the smaller shield lancer and his difficult to avoid thousand-spring shove, the shield bombadier's mellee attacks consist of big slow arcing swings with the shield. The tenno is capable of jumping over or rolling/sliding under them. Because tennos love that acrobatic stuff. We all love that. 

Gun attack is a slow, charged up explosive launcher. The end glows to indicate charge. Hard hitting but easy to doge. 



They don't like EVA. One false move with that shield and they could launch themselves from the ship. 



"Admire Innocent Flower's fine art, tenno scum"- Genuine quote from Tyl Regor



Totaly not a rip off from another game. There are no alien worms here. 


Well, I can't realy compete with the art around me, but the gameplay'd be pretty solid. 

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Name Suggestion:
 Grineer Warmonger

 Once the Grineer Warmonger spots an enemy, she charges towards her target in a fast and frenzied manner. Upon reaching it, she tackles the target to the ground with her shoulder before attacking it in earnest. The Grineer Warmonger is highly agressive, foregoing cover and going straight to attacking her enemies. She favors her saw, but she'll still gladly use her auto-cannon whenever she is not in melee range of anybody. The body and mind of the female Grineer that operates it has been warped and endlessly trained to fit and operate the monstrous Warmonger Mechanoid. This intense and brutish training left the Grineer female manic, angry and easily provoked, which is another reason of why the Warmonger attacks in such a highly erratic and agressive pattern. Using the crude but highly armored Grineer-tech mechanoid she operates, she can commit to being very agressive. The Grineer Warmonger does make a lot of mechanical noise, eliminating the element of surprise, and she can be rather easily kited around as well.


 * Circular Saw - This is her melee weapon. It deals a massive amount of slash damage with an almost garantueed chance to proc bleed.
 * Auto-Cannon - This is her ranged weapon. It's large caliber bullets deal a large amount of impact damage with a reasonable amount of puncture.
 * Mechanical Frenzy - Once the Warmonger's health drops to zero, she enters a frenzy for a few seconds. She gains a large amount of movement- and attack speed during this duration. However, she'll also go melee only, and once the duration ends, she'll explode, killing herself while dealing blast damage around her.
 * Grineer Mechanoid - Don't be decieved by its looks Tenno, because the crude and brutish mechanoid she operates is surprisingly fast, has a large amount of health and an even bigger amount of armor. However, the Grineer female that operates it has been left rather unprotected due to the design of the Warmonger, leaving her a weak point.
 * Scanning Systems - The scanning systems mounted on the Warmonger are constantly scanning in a 360 degree angle around it. These scanners can pick up any target coming near the Warmonger within a second.

Environment Restrictions:
 Being slightly larger than bombards and napalms, The Grineer Warmonger will fit in most spaces except the really small ones.

Image is from the Penitent Engine from the Sisters of Battle (Warhammer 40k). Obviously it would look more Grineer-ish when implemented.


Edited by Zerathos_Dagon
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Name suggestion


Suicide bomber




agressive, and fast grineer, rush into an enemy on sight, explodes when gets near




no weapons, only self destruction with bombs, dealing high damage to nearby enemies, and knocking them down


Environment restrictions




Reference art



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Name: Commisar


Behavior: Inspiring the common troops of the Grineer with rallying battle speeches, the Commisar provides benefits to the Grineer for headlong charges and attrition tactics. The Commisar follows normal Grineer battle tendencies, and moves at the same speed as a Heavy Grineer. The Commisar will gesture and scream wildly at the Tenno and it's troops, ocasionally taking shots with it's sidearm in between battle cries. The Commisar is heavily armored, but quite slow.


Attacks: Besides the standard melee attack, and the shot of it's sidearm (Brakk?) weapon, the Commisar relies on it's allies but provides them with powerful benefits. While the Commisar is in range, every time another Grineer unit dies, all Grineer in range receive a 50% health restoration, and a small armor boost. The armor boost lasts for as long as the Commisar is alive. The Commisars also have an ability called "Rally." Rally forces all Grineer in range to come out of cover and perform a straight on rush at the Tenno, not varying from their path in any way, while the Commisar draws his sword and attempts to do the same. During this rally cry, enemy units are invulnerable. Commisars do not receive the armor or health boosts, but they DO receive a moderate speed boost, making it's rally cries more and more frequent.


Environmental Restrictions: None

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Name: Warmonger


Behavior: The Warmonger is a hulking Grineer heavy melee unit that employs the use of the Jat Kittag to not only close the gap between his foes, but to deliver fatal, crushing slams which ensure that his targets won’t retaliate.


After years of joint experimentation between Tyl Regor and Doctor Tengus, the Grineer were able to maximize pure rage and ferocity into a single unit. The Grustrag Bolt’s effectiveness is heavily fathomed by their unyielding rage, so they are consistently injected with a nutrient broth that suppresses their anger until it is needed. Without their supplements, who knows how resourceful could the Warmongers be to their enemies…


The Warmonger wears an advanced version of the battle armor Grineer Commandos typically wear. This reduces the majority of incoming conventional weapons damage, yet it is not entirely durable. Enough sustained fire will break off the armor plates.




Jat Kittag Combo: The Warmonger has specialized combos for the Jat Kittag that are quick, due to their conditioning and training.


Jet Smash: Powering up the Jat Kittag’s thrusters, the Warmonger blasts in the air towards his enemies to close the gap, and creates a shockwave after landing


Hammer Throw: The Warmonger is able to throw his hammer like a boomerang, knocks down all enemies it hits.


Bolster: The Warmonger lets out a terrifying, savage roar that reduces the accuracy of enemy weapons, and buffs the damage of nearby Grineer units. Destroying the Warmonger’s supplement tube located on his chest-neck-mouth area will disable his Bolster ability, but will also cause another devastating effect…


Frenzy: When the Warmonger takes a large amount (%) of damage within a short period of time, he will go on a Frenzy, giving him +150% movement and attack speed. Destroying the supplement tube will put the Warmonger in a permanent Frenzied state, however he will attack anything in his path, even his own teammates.


Environment Restrictions: None. The Warmonger can operate in any Grineer unit.

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Name Suggestion:

Grineer Medic



Armed with a viper or similar side-arm class weapon. These lighly-armed and armored front-line medics will avoid direct confrontation, instead they will support grineer personnel with melee-ranged healing kits and stims. Boosting attack and defense strength of any unit they interact with as well as healing them rapidly. Usually found in conjunction with leader and heavy units, frequently with commanders.



Only as a last-defense effort will the medic attack tenno, usually by firing over their shoulder as they run away.


Environment restrictions: 

none, medics are found wherever grineer troops are.

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Grineer Harpy



Harpies are a medium power mixed ranged and melee attacker. They are heavily augmented Grineer women with razor sharp claws, cybernetic leg jets and rocket equipped power armour. The Harpies are an airborne menace, often attacking from above before dropping into close combat. They can even deflect bullets with their claws, making them difficult to hurt at range.



When Hovering

Cannon: The harpy fires a shot from the jet tube in her leg. This attack deals blast damage.

Swoop: Dropping down above a target the Harpy kicks them several times with her jets ignited. This deals fire, slashing and impact.

Slam: By jetting straight into the ground the Harpy lands and causes a radial knockdown.


When Grounded

Melee: A combo of slashing claws and jet assisted knee strikes.

Kick Cannon: By kicking and activating her leg jets at the same time the Harpy can deal massive damage and retreat from melee at the same time. Two variations; one to run away, one to switch to hovering.

Cluster rockets: The Harpy fires her rocket pods off her back. They fly over the target spewing explosive bolts. After using this attack she cannot hover.

Trailblazer: After using a kick cannon attack the Harpies run speed is increased and she leaves a trail of fire behind her.


Environment restrictions

Spawn in the same areas as Elite Lancers in similar numbers as Scorpions.



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Name Suggestion:
  Grineer WIDOW

The Widow's main objective is to hunt down and capture

Using meele attack (battle axe) and her energy stun web.

Environment restrictions:
Only Invasion mission.

Optional Art:

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Name Suggestion: Combat Medic

Behavior: The heavily armored combat medic supports Grineer forces in the field and keeps them in fighting condition.  When a Grineer soldier goes down near a Medic, they will lay on the ground disabled like a player would. The Medic will attempt to move to the soldier and revive them, which takes a few seconds.  The soldier is restored with half health. If no Grineer need to be revived, the Medic will stay behind other soldiers and pulse out healing to his allies. Medic has low aggression and will attempt to run to other allies if he is the last one left alive in a squad.


Attacks: While a Medic is in his passive supporting mode, he can attack with a basic pistol.


Environment restrictions:  NEVER spawns alone.


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Name Suggestion: Rocketeer


Behavior:  Assault troops equipped with jump packs. Good at closing quickly and forcing ranged units into melee combat. They are outfitted with protective armor and the Jat Kittag Grineer Hammer, but are surprisingly agile and hit hard. They prefer to keep mobile, using their jetpacks to move in close and quickly attack before moving away quickly again. They are the direct response by the Grineer to combat the Tenno's own agility and penchant for fast, quick strikes. While the Grineer Hellions stay in place while they attack, the Rocketeer prefers to stay moving as much as possible.




Assault Jump: The Rocketeer activates its jetpack and soars through the air, landing at the target location and dealing knockback. This ability is activated when enemies are either:


a) Clustered together, allowing the Rocketeer to jump into the middle of the group and deal knockback, or...

b) When the Rocketeer is surrounded by enemies, and must make a quick escape.


Merciless Strike: The Rocketeer powers on its jetpack, rocketing forward along the ground (similar to Rhino Charge/Slash Dash) with an explosive strike that can knock lighter enemies aside. While the dash itself deals moderate damage, a direct impact with an enemy at the end of the dash deals heavy damage and knocks back the target. This ability is activated when one of the two conditions (or both) are met:


a) Enemies are presented in a line, allowing the Rocketeer to dash between them and deal moderate damage, or...

b) A single stronger enemy (Leaders, Heavies, Tenno, etc) is presented in front of them.


Last Stand: If low on health and confronted by numerous enemies, the Rocketeer will be forced to self-destruct its jetpack, killing itself and hopefully as many enemies as possible. Functions similarly to the Oxium Osprey Detonation ability, but is only activated when low on health and against numerous enemies.


Environment restrictions:  Only appears in outdoor locations (Earth Forests, Phobos Deserts, Corpus Outposts, etc).



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Grineer Gene Hunter




The Grineer Gene Hunter will utilize several tricks up his sleeve to disable Tenno so as to secure them for their hardware and their Warframes. A crafty character, he carries an array of weaponry that can easily catch the unwary Tenno off-guard, subduing them for retrieval. To complement his tenacity and cunning, he carries a Bolo Launcher, an electrified grappling hook, and a powerful sidearm. He will occasionally use the grappling hook to close in on targets. He will only appear when the alarms for a facility have gone off.


Often, the Gene Hunter will utilize stealth and confusion as a means of target subduction. If accompanied by other Grineer, his somewhat annoying traps become deadly stuns. By staying close to walls and corners, attempting to remain out of sight until the Tenno's back is turned, the Bolo Hunter can turn what seems to be a good mission into a complete disaster for unsuspecting Tenno.



-Fires Bolo Launcher at the player, temporarily stunning them with its vicious bolo wire, tipped with explosives and primed to go off once the bolo has stopped wrapping around the player. If it hits the player's legs, it will knock the player over and deal damage, if it hits the players torso, it will prevent them from firing temporarily.

-Fires the electrified grappling hook at opponents. Translates this by holding his fist up and aims at the Tenno.

-Carries a Brakk or Marelok secondary to finish off the player if they get too close (randomly selected), will only use the Brakk if he's already fired his grappling hook


Environment restrictions: Found in the far reaches of the Grineer Empire (Ceres, Phobos, Uranus), replaces the Seeker in some instances, no environmental restrictions.


I do intend on doing some artwork to replace the image of the bounty hunter from below.


Draws some inspiration from Dengar, the bounty hunter.


Edited by Vaskadar
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Тяжелый солдат Гринир являющийся представителем элитного подразделения 

составляющего личную гвардию "Королев-близнецов". Несмотря на внушительные размеры 

эти бойцы обладают невероятной скоростью, используя свое огромное оружие карая 

врагов и вселяя ужас в тех кому посчастливилось не попасть им под руку. 


Смертельный рывок (наподобие как у Экскалибура или Рино) - наносит урон и 

сбивает врагов с ног. Может использовать собственное комбо пользуясь огромным 

двуручным оружием (причем с особой легкостью благодаря особым доспехам с системой 

усиления, и без того могучего, тела). 


Вдали от своих королев, Карнифексы выполняют роль надсмотрщиков на 

территориях которые когда то принадлежали другим фракциям, а теперь находятся под 

контролем Гринир.


P.S. I apologize for the lack of English.

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BEHAVIOR: Grineer Desperados are highly offensive and highly mobile strike units designed to stage fakeouts and fluster enemies with pressure. They are heavy units who do not take advantage of cover, but in lieu of high armor, they utilize high speed (& maybe some extra health) and hit-and-run tactics to avoid taking damage altogether. Desperados will zip around the battlefield rather often, picking random locations to stop and fire before doing it all again. They take risks in quickly positioning themselves close to Tenno to bait a melee strike before moving again. They also tend to run right by enemies in corridors to startle and give a sense of immediate danger. However, they leave behind a green trail, a blur of their motion revealing their path most of the time, so a focused Tenno may be able to track and anticipate its movements. (If it is technically possible, they could combine this speed with combat rolls and the parkour system to further enhance their mobility in all situations.)

ATTACKS: Desperados are equipped with unique Dual Krakens for high damage. Their only notable attack is when they quickly move close to Tenno for a point-blank critical shot. The action itself is a dramatic and noticeable slinging of guns to line up the double-shot and fire, giving Tenno only a brief moment to escape, so they must resist the urge to melee him in that moment or risk serious damage.

ENVIRONMENT RESTRICTIONS: No outstanding restrictions.


I imagine this but more proportioned than lanky, armor plating on exposed flesh, and the stomach bit removed. Plus with a cleaner mask of course. Also a couple more visually interesting details to the coat like Grineer insignias wouldn't hurt.

These are model assets from the Half Life 2 mod "Missing Information".


This is concept art of the Half Life 2 beta creature, the "Cremator".


I am in no way the owner or creator of these images btw.

Edited by Tyranti
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I actually foresee this being very difficult, because the Grineer have such a robust set of enemies already. Most of what we can add will just be more or less repetitious. But, let's see what we can figure out.




Name Suggestion: Grineer Needlejockey.


Behavior: The Grineer Needlejockey will try to stay within line-of-sight of at least one Grineer, and try to group with as many other Grineer as possible. He / She will avoid fights as best it can, using augmentations to evade and platform away from Tenno at high speed. The Needlejockey is armed with a dart gun.




- Sedative: The Needlejockey releases an AOE cloud of gas specifically geared to be beneficial to the Grineer genotype, offering a soothing, numbing sensation. Grineer become immune to knockdown, pull, and stagger effects. Organic enemies caught in the cloud suffer from reduced speed and attack. Wears off after a period of time.


- Stimulant: The Needlejockey fires off darts that stimulate nearby Grineer, amplifying their movement speed and attack power for a period of time.


- Psychedelic: The Needlejockey fires darts at nearby enemies, and they are stricken with a hallucinogenic status effect that causes all nearby entities to appear as the same individual (all creatures, friend or foe, will have the same "skin"). This will cause confusion as to who is friend and who is foe.


Environment: Later level Grineer environments, around the Mars / Phobos level range.

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Name Suggestion: Grineer Riots

                                (Heavy Unit)


Behavior: After seeing Vay Hek go through extreme measures to alter himself completely, Sargus Ruk decided to take another approach. He experimented with countless Grineer Soldiers to create the first ever four armed Grineers known as Grineer Riots. These hand picked Grineer soldiers were forced to undergo torturous experiments in hopes to understand and create an improved armor and physique for him to take on. Despite not being what he dreamt of, Sargus Ruk has decided to unleash these beasts on Tenno and Corpus enemies.


Once an enemy is spotted by a Grineer Riot, they instantly shriek in a loud mechanical voice boosting their allies morale by casting a barrier around them sort of like a shield but without the numbers. The barrier makes the enemies invulnerable for a set amount of time.


Grineer Riots never stands idol and walk around the entire tile set looking for enemies.


Attack: Grineer Riots are dangerous heavy Grineer units with arms that cause serious damage. Their weapons can devastate a foe in mere seconds. Riots shoots with their left top arm electrical rounds, which damages and stuns enemies for 3-4 seconds and with their lower left arm they fire a set of homing type missiles which cause light damage on the stunned enemies.


Grineer Riots can also cause severe damage with their other two arms. The right top arm fires flaming spikes that pin Tennos onto the walls lighting them up and with the bottom right arm they can shoot three mechanical spears that pierce and latch onto their enemies. The spears are attached to cables that allow the Grineer Riots to yank their enemies off the wall causing bleed out damage for 5 – 10 seconds. With a rinse and repeat, these new heavy Grineer units can be one of the most dangerous foes you may ever come across.


NOTE: So these guys don't become annoying, there can be like a 30% chance that Tennos can be pinned to walls.


Environment restrictions:

Appears in wave 15 during defense missions.


Appears after 10 minutes of Survival.


Can appear in any Grineer mission.


They don't climb or jump,



Reference Images: (Not my art. Image is reference only)


Edited by truelight4u
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Name Suggestion: Grineer Behemoth

BehaviorHeavily armoured and uses a Jat Kittag for mobility as well as attacks. This Grineer unit does not flinch or ragdoll but will kneel momentarily if he takes too much damage. Resistant to both Melee and Firearms. The easiest time to kill him is when he kneels to recover.
Initially upon spotting an enemy tenno he will stomp towards them before using his jets on the jat kittag to propel him forward. Also Taunts tenno to come after him. Unlike the G3 this unit is mad enough to kill his own troops on purpose... but you can make him ragdoll his allies by accident.
His attacks are slow to recover, slow to telegraph but quick and committing in execution. Essentially the 'nephew of Lech Kril'.


Standard combo: Comprises of 3 attacks, each one requires wind up time for the jets to boost his attack. The actual execution of these attacks is very swift. First attack is a standard diagonal swing, after a spin the second attack is a baseball swing and the third he twirls the hammer and spins it 720 degrees around him. After the third attack he struggles to pick the hammer back up due to his structure and so has great recovery time.

Dash and slam: Pointing the jets of jat kittag behind him and activating them... Behemoth Dashes forwards scraping his feet for control. Launches off one Knee and Slams down to the ground. Creating it's iconic AOE effect. Dash is multi-hit as the momentum itself is damaging. 

- Jet Reverse: Pointing the jets towards the enemy much like a mage staff. The flames burn a bright orange and spew fire at the enemy. He does this while walking a few steps towards the enemy. He then spins his staff backwards and golf swings the enemy, knocking them back.

- Skate and uppercut: Placing one foot on the hammer itself, behemoth extends a hand and taunts the enemy, at which point the jets activate. Behemoth slides forward a step, loading power into his arm. The hand he extended turns into a fist and bam. Uppercut. 


Environment restrictions: Spawns less frequently than heavies and often in large, open environments..

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