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Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submissions

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Name Suggestion: Sargas Adherent(s)


BehaviorIn response to the ever-increasing paranoia and fanaticism of his least-favorite fellow officer, Vay Hek, Sargas Ruk has begun a strict and unforgiving training regimen for his most loyal soldiers. If the Prosecutors are the elite guard of the Grineer, the Adherents are the true commandos. Though their armor is only slightly tougher than average, and the Grakatas on their backs the same as any other, the Adherents move with a level of focus and cohesion never before seen by Grineer troops.


Sprinting into battle in formation, covering each other above all else as they navigate the battlefield, and even going as far as to leave their position to revive a fellow squadmate, the Adherents are a true unit, their loyalty to each other only surpassed by their loyalty to their General and their Queens. If their brilliant orange armor does not give pause to their enemies, their lethal tactics soon will.


In short: Behavior is the name of the game for these units. While we're not quite at Matrix-levels of artificial intelligence yet, players should feel a stone drop in their gut when they encounter a squad that appears far more intelligent than the rest of the cannon fodder.




Armament: Adherents boast a Grakata, a Marelok, and a Heat Dagger, and move in packs of three or four. On rare occasions the squad will drop into formation and fire napalm from wrist-mounted launchers. This napalm does little damage but coats the battlefield, lasting a decent while and delivering a high proc chance.


Squad Maneuvers: Aside from moving in formation and moving from cover one at a time under suppressing fire from their squadmates, the Adherents have a few unique behaviors, preceded by a signal and a vocal order:


-- Threat Identified! When under attack, the unit dealing the greatest amount of damage to the squad will receive the bulk of the squad's fire.


-- Jump Him! Once an enemy enters melee range of one of their squadmates, the group as a whole will break from cover and gang up on that unit with their Heat Daggers.


-- Grenade! Each Adherent leans out from cover and tosses a grenade into the battlefield.


-- Man Down! When an Adherent is "killed," they enter a brief downed state. The surviving members of the squad break from cover to set up around him, one reviving while the others suppress.


Environment restrictions:  Sargas Adherents rarely stray far from their General, appearing on Saturn, Mars, Phobos, Sedna and occasionally Eris.


(Optional) Art or Reference Images:


These contests started literally the same week I started building a house, so I couldn't spend nearly as much time on the artwork as I'd hoped. Hopefully it gets the idea across. Similar color scheme as Ruk.



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Name Suggestion: Aerial infested

Behavior:  Runs along the ground at times but will fly up. Once engaging a tenno it will fly in a circle around the target until it randomly does an attack.

Attacks:  primary one is a slash dash/tail wind like attack where it will fly past you dealing damage with its talons.  It can also fly up and do a divebomb like maneuver (mainly does this when tenno are grouped up) which has knock down aoe.  its final ability would be a bite attack that it will fly in close and bite then quickly back off.

Enviromental restrictions: any infested area really.

Art:  as I cannot draw here is this image I found (thaniks to artist:bat_creature_concept_by_akakuma.jpg


This part is for Grineer enemies only.

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Grineer "FlameHand"



Attacks with grenades from a distance.  If you get too close, they will slice you with a arm-attached blowtorch.  Killing a FlameHand with a head shot will insta-kill it.  If it dies of a body shot, it will attempt to suicide with a grenade killing anything within 7 meters  .This can be used to your advantage either way.



napalm grenade throw, fire melee (high proc) and suicide grenade


Environment restrictions:  Grineer Tile-sets





*Dont worry, any grenade about to detonate beeps violently.  Run Tenno run!@!@

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Grineer Plaguereaper




The Grineer Plaguebearer's armor is design to produce a fog, thus shrouding its teammates, providing cover against the enemy. In addition, the fog is toxic and is harmful for any Teeno that would venture into it. It prefers to hide away from its opponent and rather take cheap shots behind its defensive cover.


Clues of its whereabouts  within the shroud can be seen through its glowing eyes, and the energy lights  emitted by the poison vents.




Kraken pistol is its basic attack weapon, would engage players in long range battle.

If an Enemy gets too close, it will use its ether reaper instead. 



Environmental Restrictions:





concept art



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I don't know if anyone has suggested this if so please ignore. However I was so sad that this concept never got made as a weapon I would love to see it appear on a mob. It would fit perfectly as a Grinner background mob by adding flavour and a bit of variety in melee opponents. 


The weapon idea was submitted by Vandre in the Melee weapon submissons last year.



I would PM Vandre to ask if I can link his art. However just realised this would be good and I see 9 mins left before this closes. 


Name Suggestion: Grineer Miner 

Behavior:  Can be seen digging into wall on the asteroid tileset and can be seen doing "tasks" on the Shipyard tile set. Spawns in packs of 3-6 (no one digs alone).

Attacks: Charges at Tenno and attempts to impale on the pilebunker. Can slam the ground to knock down nearby enemies. Drill Attacks can break a Tennos melee guard. 

Environment restrictions:  Asteroid and shipyard tilesets. Not seen on Galleons (no point in drilling out into space!)


Optional art: http://i.imgur.com/GnC8V8o.jpg

Art by http://i.imgur.com/GnC8V8o.jpg'>Vandre

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Guess someone forgot to lock this at noon EDT?


Give them time. DE is just busy.

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Thanks everyone!

Here are the 16 submissions that made it to Design Council:
H.A.G (GimmeDaCloyster):

Name Suggestion: H.A.G. (Heavy Armed Grineer)
Behavior:  The Grineer are lacking a heavy melee unit of sorts and considering them being a race of crude but effective tech and mass production a simple yet effective enemy is what I always imagine for them.
The H.A.G. as it's shortened from Heavy Armed Grineer. Is a grineer inside of an industrial suit designed solely for increasing it's standard abilities.
The suit is armored heavily reducing most damage aside from the opening holding the pilot being a vulnerable point. It could either be a pilot or as we've seen from vay hek they could just be molded into the armor of sorts.
It's only weapon is a a large grappling arm with a function similar to a Scorpion Grineers but with added functionality. It's behavior is simply hand to hand combat, aside from standard punches and shockwaves it uses it's large grappling arm in a similar fashion to the scorpion shooting it's arms out and grabbing tenno except it then hurls the tenno at it's fellow allies (in a similar fashion to a rag dolled enemy hit with a bow damages an enemy it's thrown into)
When low on health however it goes a bit berserk increasing it's attack speed. And not only throw Tenno but grabs it's own Grineer hurling them at it's enemy.
Attacks:  Standard Punching
Large shockwaves.
Grappling arms leading to 3 attacks.
1) Grabs Tenno and hurls into nearby allies if they're in range
2) Shoots out it's grappling arm as a rocket punch with heavy ragdoll
3) Same functionality as a Scorpions in that it just draws the enemy in close for other attacks
such as the shockwave etc.
Environment restrictions: Industrial enemy so mainly on Grineer Shipyards and Galleons.
I also suggest this because out of all the melee type enemies the Scorpion is the only one that can semi surprise me. I'm sitting there doing my thing and suddenly get yanked away from the battle and interrupted. An enemy that would yank me away from battle and then fling me at my allies interrupting them with crazy rag doll I'd find fun. The scorpions are just too weak to even be a threat so their little hookshot is pointless.

Grineer Privateer (astrobird):

Name Suggestion: Grineer Privateer
Behavior: Contrary to standard guerrilla tactics of the Grineer, these units will rush the players head first, and be quick about it as well. They will make leaps and bounds to get within range of the tenno, then either use fast thrusting or slashing attacks when in melee range, or using heavy hitting firearms when at a distance. They will jump around and stay very mobile, making sure to not only never take cover, but also to never stop moving unless they are attacking directly. The Privateer also possesses a scorpion wire, with which it may latch onto players to launch itself towards in an effort to flying kick the player in their arrogant face. These units are very fast, very strong, but lack significant pools of HP and armor to hide behind. Players without hitscan weapons will find themselves forced to duel the Privateers with melee or at close range.
Breach: The Privateer leaps onto a wall or ledge and vaults towards the player before attempting to slash the player with their weapon. Once the Privateer lands, there is a brief delay before the Privateer leaps off again, or continues to duel the player. Deals heavy damage.
Brandish: The Privateer assumes a defensive stance with their melee weapon, ready to deflect any melee attacks the player may throw their way. Can block up to three attacks before the Privateer counter attacks. 
Blast: The Privateer raises its firearm and fires, dealing moderate damage to the target. Low accuracy at long ranges, but deadly accurate and potent at short.
Bolt: The Privateer fires a shoulder mounted scorpion wire at a player, briefly stunning them and yanking the Privateer towards the target. If the player does not dodge, jump, or otherwise obstruct the oncoming Privateer, the Privateer will then slam their foot into the player's face, dealing heavy damage, as well as knocking the player to the floor. 
Bury: The Privateer performs a one-two combo with their cutlass and pistol, dealing heavy damage to unaware or unprepared players over three consecutive strikes. 
Environment restrictions:  No environment restrictions, however areas with a distinct lack of cover or terrain will make their assault quite vicious.
Art or Reference Images:
Note: Male and female variants possible.

Huntsman (Dead-Frost):

Name Suggestion:
He tries to blend himself with his environment using the clock he wears to hide and scans the area for threats to the Grineer, anything that can disrupt them, he is pretty much the lookout for the Grineer and will signal them with a whistle when he spots a threat that he didn’t manage to kill before it got in range of the grineer. He usually can be found back in the surrounding edge of the environments never in the open like most grineer. Once he gets a shot off then he will reposition himself.
They Use a powerful sniper rifle originally developed to deal with the wild life forms that attack Grineer on their settlements. When the subject is in range there will be a wind-up noise in the distance it will end when shot is fire. On impact the shot will push and knock down the subject. As stated above the huntsman will reload and reposition to avoid detection, and repeat. If Shot missies he will remain in same area and will fire a round of none charged shots, after those he will attempt a charged shot again. When in closer range to the Huntsman he will use a sidearm and will keep moving around you to avoid damage.
Environment restrictions:  
Only found on Earth and Phobos missions. 2-3 per mission.
Art or Reference Images:
Just made a bust of what I pictured the Huntsman would look like. Thought I do a decent render this time compared to other faction submissions.

Manic Grineer (Kadabura)

Name Suggestion: Manic Grineer
Manic Grineers are unusually aggressive melee soldiers who act solo, dropping down from above to ambush their prey. Subsequential clonings have weathered the minds of these Grineer variants down, causing them to attack relentlessly with no sense of self-preservation. However their ties of camaraderie seem strong as they wear the masks of their fallen clone brothers on their backs, and perhaps if the Manic is lucky enough, the helm of a fallen Tenno target. Their high attack and speed make up for low shield and armor, and while they shouldn't pose too much of a threat to a composed player or group, an unsuspecting Tenno may be in for a bad time if caught off guard.
Ground Pound: similar to a Tenno's, will stagger/knockdown players if Manic Grineer lands on/near them when falling from above (one time attack when spawning)
Charge: the Manic Grineer will charge straight to a selected player, knocking them over and clawing at them until the Manic's shield is broken to knock them off. Knocked down players can still shoot secondary weapon as if they were bleeding out, but will not need to be revived once the Manic has been pushed off, so the enemy type can still be in solo runs. If the player is quick enough, the Charge attack can be avoided.
Attacks mainly with hand/fist melee weapon if not Charging.
(After re-reading this, I realized the attacks are kind of like the Charger + Hunter from L4D meets stealth guy from Payday 2, hah!)
Environment restrictions:
Only appears where there is overhead space to drop down from (like a hangar); not in hallways or singular rooms.  

Arc Trapsmith (Toaman1994):

Name Suggestion: Arc Trapsmith
Behavior:  This Grineer engineer forgoes the heavy artillery usually used by troops, instead relying on his inventions. He is able to deploy mobile Arc Traps, sliding them across the ground in a way that is similar to how Seekers deploy their Latchers. This enemy can also move to repair Arc Traps that have been disabled by Tenno. This enemy is more likely to deploy and repair Arc Traps than rely on his pistol, and works alongside both regular Lancer infantry and the Grineer Wardens. 
In Rescue missions, this enemy can be seen passively patrolling the Rescue area, following the same route as the Wardens. If he notices any broken Arc Traps, he will leave the Wardens to walk over and repair the traps, although he won't grow suspicious of their state. This provides Tenno with an opportunity to eliminate Trapsmiths before handling the Wardens.
Attacks: The Trapsmith can deploy Arc Traps that slide across the ground, stopping at a specific point away from him. He deploys these traps in a similar manner to how the Seekers deploy their Latchers, with a gentle animation. The mobile Arc Traps move in a straight line, away from the Trapsmith, stopping several meters from him. The Trapsmith, when not deploying or repairing Arc Traps, has a small pistol he can use to fend off enemies.
Environment restrictions:  He may spawn with a squad of Grineer, but can also spawn in Rescue missions with the Wardens.

Grineer Fumigator (TheMissingCake):

Name Suggestion:
Grineer Fumigator
Fumigators are very heavy units that prefer to stick to narrow hallways, or guard objects of importance as to make use of their corrosive gas attacks. Prolonged exposure to their own toxic fumes has warped their minds causing them to frequently laugh maniacally and attempt to spread as much toxin around an area giving little regard for the safety of their fellow Grineer who lack face masks, as the fumigators try to eliminate the Tenno scum who have infested their ships. They actively try to avoid melee confrontations using their various abilities, as melee attacks have a high chance of damaging the corrosive gas supply lines that cover their body. They are covered In high density armor plating that has been specially treated to resist Toxic, Corrosive, Gas, and Viral damage. Fumigators will tend to be at the back of squads of Grineer forces due to their reduced movement speed. Fumigators have a large gas cloud that surrounds and follows them spreading as they walk, and persists for extremely long periods of time usually disappearing due to the Fumigator's demise. Fumigators are a last resort for eliminating Tenno and are quite rare as many Grineer fear them.
Corrosive Gas:
The gas sprayed by the Fumigator is a special blend of toxins specialized for clinging to things. The gas persists in contacted areas for long periods of time and will cling to anything that walks through it causing it to spread further. The gas does corrosive damage over time but will weaken armor making enemies inside more vulnerable to damage.
Gas Sprayer:
Their primary weapon is a high pressure corrosive gas launcher that can propel streams of gas long distances. The initial point of impact of the gas projectile is a large cloud with a trail of gas following it from the initial firing spot. This allows the Fumigator to effectively quarantine large areas by creating walls of this gas.
Gas Vents:
Fumigators are equipped with gas vents on their shoulders and thighs through which the corrosive gas is expelled into their environment, surrounding them with a corrosive cloud and causing them to leave trails of the corrosive gas.
Gas Jets:
Due their weakness to melee attacks, Fumigators are equipped with jets on their boots that allow them to quickly dash away from an enemy while simultaneously leaving behind a toxic cloud trail.
Environmental Restrictions:
Grineer Fumigators may found in all tile sets except for Phobos, however if on Earth they could become "Cicero Fumigators".
(Optional) Art or Reference Images:
Original Sketch Idea:

Grineer HYDRA Team (iotimoline):

Name:  Grineer HYDRA team
Appearance:  2-3 Grineer Lancers manning an oversized Gorgon-style heavy machinegun on a tripod mount behind an erectable cover barrier.  One will be the gunner proper, another will be the loader, the third will be the warfam spottor and have a Grakata.  All should be wearing heavier-than-normal upper body armor.
Behavior:  The HYDRA teams are spawned in missions where the Tenno have to advance (this means not on defense, but potentially on survival) and will set up in choke points to slow down, suppress or kill the Tenno with heavy firepower.  The machinegun will have heavy firepower and a high rate of fire (potentially also be a shotgun, for a cone of fire!), but will regularly need to be reloaded, at which point it cannot fire but the Spottor will use his Grakate for suppression fire.  If the gun itself is taken out, the team will all draw Grakatas or Krakens.  Possible additional behavior:  HYDRA team will rush out and attempt to deploy their gun, for example to 'protect' an air pod on Survival.
- Normal:  HYDRA machinegun:  rapid-fire high-caliber machinegun firing scattershot, needs regular reloading
- Alternate variant:  CERBERUS automatic grenade launcher:  fires a scatter of bouncy explosive grenades, needs regular reloading
- Personal weapons:  1x Grakata, 2x Grakata or Kraken (or similar standard Grineer firearm)

Grineer Harpy (ValhaHazred):

Grineer Harpy
Harpies are a medium power mixed ranged and melee attacker. They are heavily augmented Grineer women with razor sharp claws, cybernetic leg jets and rocket equipped power armour. The Harpies are an airborne menace, often attacking from above before dropping into close combat. They can even deflect bullets with their claws, making them difficult to hurt at range.
When Hovering
Cannon: The harpy fires a shot from the jet tube in her leg. This attack deals blast damage.
Swoop: Dropping down above a target the Harpy kicks them several times with her jets ignited. This deals fire, slashing and impact.
Slam: By jetting straight into the ground the Harpy lands and causes a radial knockdown.
When Grounded
Melee: A combo of slashing claws and jet assisted knee strikes.
Kick Cannon: By kicking and activating her leg jets at the same time the Harpy can deal massive damage and retreat from melee at the same time. Two variations; one to run away, one to switch to hovering.
Cluster rockets: The Harpy fires her rocket pods off her back. They fly over the target spewing explosive bolts. After using this attack she cannot hover.
Trailblazer: After using a kick cannon attack the Harpies run speed is increased and she leaves a trail of fire behind her.
Environment restrictions 
Spawn in the same areas as Elite Lancers in similar numbers as Scorpions.

Grineer Arcbomber (CSequence):

Name Suggestion: Grineer Arcbomber
Behavior: The Grineer Arcbomber is a heavy unit specializing in long range attacks. Clad in reinforced armor and equipment, the Arcbomber takes slightly less damage compared to other Grineer and cannot be knocked down. However, it is slow in movement and thus tends to linger in an area rather than approach the player.
Attacks: The Arcbomber’s primary attack involves long range bombardment and thus has a massive player detection range; however, due to Grineer stupidity, other units will not be notified of the player’s presence. Upon detecting the player, the arcbomber will launch a volley of five to seven bombs into the air. After a short delay, the bombs will land in quick succession at the player’s location - marked by reticules on the ground (as the bombs approach, the reticules begin to grow larger and flash rapidly). Each bomb deals heavy damage while a direct hit causes knockdown.
At medium to close range, the Arcbomber will no longer utilize its mortar attack but instead shoot extremely fast, but delayed, projectiles at the player. Direct hits have a high chance of knockdown.
At melee range, the Arcbomber can perform a ground slam move, similar to the Bombard/Heavy Gunner.
TL;DR – A walking mortar
Environment Restrictions: Large spaced tiles (Earth and Phobos). Can spawn elsewhere but cannot use mortar attack in small/cramped spaces.

Feral Chopper (KonRon):

Name sugestion: Feral Chopper
This unit was created originaly with the purpose to felling trees, and demolition of these and caves, on the wild forests of earth but the constant growing of those make the grinner dispose/reuse the Choppers for other type of tasks, been able to cut stone on asteroids and sealed doors welded on invaded corpus ships.
This light unit is adapted to climb and stay at high altitudes, with little to no armor attachments for being able to walk/run on walls, which make him extremely fast for running and able to perform very high jumps.
The Chopper tend to attack any enemy on the ground and is very territorial and will rush to attack anyone else on the walls or places above the ground.
Primary chainsaw: the Chopper make a kind of dive bomb attack falling from the roof if hits the player it apply a blurry vision or deafness (like the reduced sound during loki invisibility or banshee silence) or both or stun, depending on the mission lvl and taunt the player swinging the chainsaw over his head runing around the player (to not insta kill it), if he miss the player it will recover and attack them with the chainsaw more aggressively.
It will wall run very fast to attack a player on the wall or near it (attacking from the wall if possible)
Secondary dual knife-bombs: it is armed with explosive knives (similar to castanas) or some kind of sticky bomb and will switch to these when his life is low running to the ceiling "for cover" and attacking at distance
if its attacking a lone player it will mostly use the chainsaw but if the players are on group or if its sorrounded it will switch to throw the knife-bombs at different targets at the same time. (it has some crazy eyes it can multi-target)
Enviroment restrictions:
The Chopper is almost all the time on ceilings or high walls it will avoid the ground most of the time it may idle sitting on the wall or hung from the ceiling with his feet.it tends to hide himself if able most common on Earth an Ceres. It will appear on asteroid maps (both grinner and corpus), grinner galleons and appears also on corpus ships controlled by the grinner on upper platforms (the ones on the top), basically any map with some high ceilings or high walls.
art: Alien_Assassin_concept.jpg
this is a concept for the aliens assasin from the alhpa hl2, I'm working in the images but this is quite the same face and body except the legs
this is the chainsaw made be me chaisaw_by_konron-d7jeexs.png
it take me longuer than expected and I can only post the paper sketch of the character

Grineer Smuggler (PS4Tic-Tac30):

Name: grineer smuggler
Behavior: a very fast moving grineer unit which can easily outrun tenno, due to their light armor. Grineer smugglers wield a single sidearm and posses sticky grenades. Grineer smugglers scavange any resources/ammo on the ground, and can utilise cloak to escape enemies or perform amushes and stealth attacks. when cloaked, they place sticky grenades onto tenno, enemies and defense objects. they also wield a machete as a suprise for those who get too close.
Abilities: cloak: grineer smugglers cloack for 5s at a time with a 6s cooldown
sticky grenade:grineer smugglers plant a sticky grenade on enemies and objectives when cloaked.
Self destruct: explode upon 3s of being killed
Environmental restrictions: spawn on any grineer tilesets, but commonly on invasion, defense, rescue and mobile defense.

Grineer Commisar (StallordD):

Name: Commisar
Behavior: Inspiring the common troops of the Grineer with rallying battle speeches, the Commisar provides benefits to the Grineer for headlong charges and attrition tactics. The Commisar follows normal Grineer battle tendencies, and moves at the same speed as a Heavy Grineer. The Commisar will gesture and scream wildly at the Tenno and it's troops, ocasionally taking shots with it's sidearm in between battle cries. The Commisar is heavily armored, but quite slow.
Attacks: Besides the standard melee attack, and the shot of it's sidearm (Brakk?) weapon, the Commisar relies on it's allies but provides them with powerful benefits. While the Commisar is in range, every time another Grineer unit dies, all Grineer in range receive a 50% health restoration, and a small armor boost. The armor boost lasts for as long as the Commisar is alive. The Commisars also have an ability called "Rally." Rally forces all Grineer in range to come out of cover and perform a straight on rush at the Tenno, not varying from their path in any way, while the Commisar draws his sword and attempts to do the same. During this rally cry, enemy units are invulnerable. Commisars do not receive the armor or health boosts, but they DO receive a moderate speed boost, making it's rally cries more and more frequent.
Environmental Restrictions: None

Grineer Taskmaster (dreadgrin):

We have no idea how these fearless soldiers show so much impressive tactics and spunk in battle, may it be on desert, inside a station, or wherever. The Grineer shows effectiveness in battlefield. Is it because of their artillery? Or is this a result of rigorous training we never heard of? We may never know. But because of some obvious loses from different warring factions, they must step up and advance to retaliate. One solution is to deploy veterans again to the field to administer punishments to these slacking troopers. They are given the name "Grineer Taskmasters".
Grineer Taskmaster
You'll know when a Taskmaster is near and approaching when players hear drum-like sounds from a far, that gives you time to prepare for eminent mayhem. And mad beats!
Grineer Taskmasters has sound woofer-like devices located on both sides of their shoulder armor, these things boosts the troops' morale and plays a tune accustomed to the grineer faction like a war drum.
Affected area of effect gives:
1. Grineer slight movement speed
2. Slight fear effect to opposing sides (corpus, tenno,etc.)
3. And medium to huge weapon damage buff!
So it is strongly advised to get rid of him fast before finishing the rest.
Attacks vary from what Grineer Taskmasters have attached on their right hand. Yes, weapons are implanted to their hands these veterans have lost from previous countless battles. They chose to have it attachable by different weapons rather than an ordinary hand, these weapons are random and may be:
Customized Scoliac (yes, that whip)
Upgraded Gorgon
Every map that has grineer on it.

Grineer Arcihtect (WEREsandrock)

Name Suggestion: Grineer Architect
Light armored Grineer Support unit. Among all the Grineer marines, the Architect can be described as the most intellectual one.
He has mastered many subjects, such as basic emergency medicine, genetics, bionics and battle strategies. While their presence is sure being appreciated by veterans, the
average Grineer might condemn the existence of architects, because they think, that those who are defeated by the enemy may not deserve to life anyway. Tougher enemies and increase of
Tenno activity however made it necessary for the Grineer to come up with more than  just brute force. The Architect indeed is not the fighting type. He will try to keep a
distance between himself and the enemies and will always stay close to his comrades, if possible.
During battle, the Architect has 3 duties: To heal , to fix , to motivate.
The standard - for self defense only - weapon of the Architect is a Kraken pistol. He will half-heartedly fire at his enemies while among his Grineer companions. For close combat he will defend himself by using his bionic arm, including the syringe attached to it and the laser scalpels on his fingers. The needle was made to pierce through Grineer armor- just for emergencies, and the injector is filled with a  high potent adrenaline-like substance, that will allow dying Grineer to continue fighting. What's good for a Grineer , however, might not be good for a Tenno: In rare cases being attacked with the injector will result in poison damage.
After all it's not his job to deal damage. What the Architect is good at however is
- Constant healing of nearby Grineer at a low rate
- Nearby Grineer who's health falls below 20% get a damage bonus of x %.
- fixing of broken ark - and door traps. (takes some time)
- building Regulators (He can only do that once)
Environment restrictions: preferable grineer tilesets, ground

Grineer Smasher (syoya3)

Original Language

敵の名前:Grineer Smasher
武器:Jat Kittag
行動様式:ドスドスと大きな足音を立てながら歩き回り、敵を見つけるとこちらに向かって走ってくる。たまに高いところから落下してスタン効果のあるShockwave MOAのような衝撃波を発生させ、目の前に現れることがある。
攻撃方法:攻撃はJat kittagによる打撃攻撃と重装兵特有の衝撃波のみ。
他の近接兵と比べると移動速度や攻撃のモーションは非常に遅いが、武器のJat Kittagのジェット噴射を使い始めるとハンマーに体を持っていかれるようにかなりの高速で振り回してくる。

Overall Appearance: A dark green and black colour scheme, with an upper body that has specific Grineer design. Tubes that you'd see on Vor and Kril are also included on the body, and the 2 nozzles at the top emits black smoke which makes him spotable from a distance. But if you get too close, the visibility will be quite poor as the smoke acts like cover!
Movement: The Smasher has loud distinct footsteps and walks over to the player when spotted. At times it will jump from high ground which will unleash a shockwave similar to the Shockwave MOA, which can stun the players. 
They are considered Heavy Armoured Units, so generally they only appear after enemies are alerted, like Napalm and Bombard. 
Attack: Only attacks with the Jat Kittag melee attacks, or the shockwave discussed above.
Compared to other Grineer Melee units it lacks the speed and dps, but when using the jet on the Jat Kittag it will use the momentum to spin around rapidly.
Appears on Saturn or higher.

Grineer Judge (HowlRiot)

Name Suggestion: Grineer Judge
Chance of appearance increases with the more enemies there are in a tile, making him spawn rarely and mostly in high level missions. He just spawns in the room (like the stalker does). Most of the time takes cover behind other grineer, mostly high level. He moves quickly.
Primary attack: Throws his hammer with speed to a Tenno causing high impact damage and most of the time knocking them down. This may not inflict much damage but it leaves the Tenno vulnerable for his secondary attack.
Secondary attack: The Judge scans a Tenno "Sentencing" it after locking on for more than 2 seconds, once a Tenno has been sentenced the Judge will teleport next to him and hit him with his hammer dealing lots of impact damage and knocking the Tenno down. If the Judge scans a Tenno for another two seconds it will teleport to and hit another Tenno that's in the room after hitting the first one (2 seconds per tenno, if it scans a Tenno for 6 seconds then it will teleport to and hit 3). If there only is one Tenno in the room and the Judge scans him for more than 2 seconds, 6 for example it will hit him 3 times on the next attack.
Environment restrictions:  Since his chance of spawning increases with the more enemies there are in one room he will be mostly limited to big rooms. open spaces and high level missions where there are many enemies per tile.
(Optional) Art or Reference Images:

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