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There’s been a lot of talk about the new Molecular Prime and its unintentional bonus of making enemies hyper-fast when using Overextended, mostly on how much of a game changer it is on maps running Defense or Survival missions.  Everyone seems to think there’s just something fun about Infested shambling at you at breakneck speed, both in the added difficulty that faster higher levelled enemies offers and the convenience that clearing a wave quicker brings to the community.  Everyone also seems to think this is a change that shouldn’t go away.


The good news is, we agree.


M Prime was never meant to show off the olympic potential of Tenno enemies, but now that it has it seems a shame to make any further adjustments so long as the incidental feature doesn’t cause balance issues in the future. 


As always we’ll let you know if there will be any future changes to any frame, and rest assured that we’ll be monitoring M Prime closely to ensure that we can correct any potential imbalances should they arise.


Happy Hunting, Tenno!



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