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lobby/squad ui bugs


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I had several bugs with this, I will try to iterate them all.

My first bug is that I can't see anything designating who is in my squad. There are no names or what their warframes are. The only thing I get is in the upper right, I see "?" boxes unless someone has an artifact then it shows that. The "?" boxes are overlapping usually.

Next I tried to send a friend request last night, so I opened up my contacts, went to recently played and right clicked on the person. I left click "add friend" and then the UI closes and opens up 'select artifact' menu. So for this I think the click is going through the top level UI into the one underneath and clicking on my "?" box. I tried it again outside of the lobby and it worked fine although the 'friend request sent' is difficult to spot which caused me to do it several times before I saw it. Lastly my pending request didn't show up under my contacts list.

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