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13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

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omg a serro I CAN BE AN ARANCAR weeee im going to kick &#! with my new sexy weapon maybe ill be the new hollow ichigo...now to diverge on the subject to those who dont get this reference i prey its not gonna be weak and nasty.....also anyone who likes comedy check out alchestbreach this guy is hilarious his last video where he plays nether for tuesdayz is epicly funny

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  • Fixed an issue with incorrect enemy types being spawned Yursa Dark Sector missions.

damnit Digital Extremes - i thought that was Enemies Invading missions becoming a thing again >:c


why was that ever almost entirely removed! it should be happening with moderate occurrences! it would make the game slightly more difficult as well as adding much needed life into Warframe. makes the game feel more alive, rather than a static scripted sequence you're doing over and over.


HTML is a beauty isn't it? :P

only some background framing is in HTML, IP Board is almost entirely PHP AFAIK.

the more you know.

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  • Tenno Reinforcement: Introducing the Serro, a Corpus engineered Pole Arm originally employed as a energy saw before its more deadly applications were discovered!
  • Tenno Customization: Yamako Syandana!
  • Added in a new Green visual effect that will appear on enemies that have been fully scanned when viewed with the Codex Scanner.
  • New Melee Combos have been added to Fracturing Wind, Seismic Palm, Homing Fang, Swirling Tiger, Grim Fury, Flailing Branch, and the Decisive Judgement Stance Mods!





Nova Changes:

Molecular Prime:

- On cast, no longer instantly affects all enemies in a radius, now grows out from Novas casting position with a new visual effect. This is affected by Duration mods.

- Explosive radius of primed enemies has been brought in (6,7,8,10 meters per mod rank). This is closer to other explosive weapons in the game. This is affected by range mods.

- Duration now scales with level but has been brought in line with other power durations (10,15,20,30 seconds per mod rank). This is affected by Duration mods.

- Slow-motion effect on enemies now scale with level (.9,.8,.75,.7 percent of normal speed) This is affected by Strength mods, but will have a cap on how slow you can make your enemies overall

- Primed explosions are now offset slightly for performance reasons (creating tons of ragdolls in same frame can cause visible hitches).  


inb4 complaint waves from other nova players >.< I better dust off my Nova and see how to adapt to this... and then that Alad V evolve speech hits my brain... crud.




  • Fixed an issue with Miter's projectile FX orientation.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible enemies being able to shoot at the player while not being able to take direct damage themselves.
  • Fixed an issue with loot falling out of the world in the Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with non-Capture targets being able to pass through restricted doors.
  • Fixed an issue with Specters getting caught under the floor in the Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed the incorrect text string on Mutated Shotgun Ammo.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed a number of abilities having a cool down discrepancy between host and client. This includes Banshee’s Sonar, Nekros’s Terrify, and Ember’s Fireblast.
  • Fixed incorrect melee channel energy colors appearing on clients.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong icon appearing for Conclave missions.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with weapons consuming more ammo than they should have been.
  • Fixed an issue with Loki's Disarm ability breaking Vor's death animation.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting stuck in Banshee’s Sound Quake animation if cast right as they entered into the downed state.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect enemy types being spawned Yursa Dark Sector missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rail Management UI becoming stuck on screen after opening the screen and then immediately decreasing the Tribute percentage.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Sector Battle Pay not persisting after setting the Battle Pay and then leaving/re-entering the node.
  • Fixed an issue with Valkyr's Default Helmet lacking an image and description.



No love for Banshee's Silence-Power-In-Use Bug? :(


Time to grab new gear now, woot!



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Shiny fraaaaaaaaaaaame , shiny frame whyyyyyyyyyyy are theeeeeeey nerfffffffffing you?! ♪

- Lisa KuBrow (..you see what i did there? aaaaah so P-unny!)

Thanks for the fixes DE , let's see what to do with dear Nova now... 

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The new syandana makes me regret buying the Imperator, because it is everything I liked about that one, but much much better. There won't be a reason for me to ever use Imperator again after I buy this one.

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Serro looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out -- at last a new spear tp play with! Stats are nice, too!


It's a shame that there weren't any additions to the polearm combos with the update to capitalize on it, but I understand that the animators are focusing on the Staff, Katana, and Sparring combos right now, considering those were also updated last. Still fresh in mind. Any hints at what weapon types will be getting new moves next?

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  • Tweaked the emblem offsets on the Frost, Frost Prime, Rhino, and Rhino Prime Warframes.

Neither clan emblem & event emblem on Rhino Prime / Eos shoulderpads appear properly offset at the moment. I have shoulderpad clipping on one, while the other is behind the shoulderpad.

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Good stuff, thank you for the fixes DE.  

Side note:
Any chance channeling effects on Ash's body will be changed?  Lighting his whole butt and backside on fire with the effect is hilarious to say the least, but not really indicative of him.  Would love to see a rework on the areas lit up.

~Tenno out.

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Oooh new Syandana.

However, I really didn't see the issue with Nova. She was irrelevant after a certain enemy level. 


Yeah ,she was "irrelevant" after certain enemy level  which is irrelevant, because only a small fraction of player base ever stays so long in a mission to see that certain enemy level. Uh-huh ,even ignoring the damage buff and explosion chain reaction, the slow down effect on all enemies in sight was sooo "irrelevant".


About time DE did something about this no fun to play together WITH frame.

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finally nova is more fun to play, it seemed stale with the instantly everyone is marked routine sure it was useful but this makes it intresting!!!


and besides majority of the players don't go to the 'high waves' that you guys go to. if it breaks the game it shouldn't be there!

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