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[Deus Ex Tempus Flame] Calling All Tenno For A Laid Back, Fun And Helpful Clan Experience


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Looking for an active, laid back and helpful clan?




Missing out on key runs because of how flooded the recruiting channel is?




New and want to learn more about the game and maybe get a little help along the way?




(I'm kidding, but we can definitely help teach new players the ropes)


Our alliance currently consists of over 1000 members. We have new and old players and  around 900 or more reside in our sister clan, Deus Ex Tempus. We decided a little while back to branch out and form a sister clan to keep up with the amount of members we had coming in.




So we are Deus Ex Tempus Flame,  we're looking for active players who just want to chill and have fun. We have a 0% tax rate, which will remain eternally. All research is done, we have currently 2 dueling rooms, obstacle course, trading and vault nodes, a TS channel that the alliance uses and our clan emblem(Below) will be in with the next update.



(This is our clan emblem, Special Thanks to Warmonger for doing it up for us)



Below are links to a couple of screenshots I took of the dojo if you'd like to have a peek.


View from entryway of Clan Hall



View from the balcony



Map showing basic layout of main floor(all labs on the right, obstacle course and oracle on the left)




 So if this sounds like a good place for you then....


There are 2 basic requirements to join;





#1) Please be active, I will remove people who haven't been on for 30 days.


#2) Please respect fellow clan/alliance members, We're usually a happy,  helpful bunch of people. So please don't beg, insult, annoy etc.  We're here to have fun!!!






If you have any questions or are interested in joining then please contact myself in-game or leave a reply with your info here. YouHaveShamedYoFamory(leader of our main clan) or myself will contact you or send an invite as quickly as we can. 





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No taxes? I'm totally in! I'd love to join.

FYI, If you ever decide to run for president, I'm voting for you.



IGN: MultiReal_Flashback

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