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Is this a bug or they need to update with a new patch?


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My specs: Intel q6600 2.4ghz, windows 7 64, 4gb ddr2 memory, gtx 550 ti, using 310.90 drivers.

I play warfame at 1920x1080, max , everything is set on and at max. fps without recording 50-60 all the time, runs amazing. When recording 30-40. But there is the problem, in the first level after i guess all the lights shut off and the flast light on the gun appears, framer rate without recording still 50-60 but when i start to record the game starts to stutter and fps are between 2-20.

Not sure what happen, is this a driver issue or they need to update the patch? anyone else have this problem?

its clearly not my gaming rig.

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