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Update 13.5.0: Edo Armor & Nami Solo

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  • New Weapon - Nami Solo! Wield the curved Blade of the Nami Solo and lash out with incredible slashing lethality! The Nami Solo uses the Machete Stances for combos and can be found in the Market for Platinum or Blueprint today!
  • New Combo for the Machete Weapons Sundering Weave Stance: Flash Flood!
  • New Combos for Axe Weapons Stance Mods:
    • Cleaving Whirlwind: Sundered Tusk and Drifting Stampede!
    • Rending Crane: Rampaging Boar!
  • New Edo Armor Accessories!
  • Added a Codex entry for Dead Eye.
  • Interception Missions are no longer confined to Earth and have now been added to the following nodes:
  • Mars - Augustus
  • Jupiter - Callisto
  • Europa - Armaros
  • Phobos - Opik
  • Uranus - Stephano
  • Sedna - Berehynia
  • Eris - Viver
  • Pluto - Cerberus
  • Ceres - Draco
  • Added in new Codex entries for Corpus Attack Drone and Corrupted Drone.


Changes to Crit calculations:


We have made changes to the way Criticals work on weapons that have been modded to have a crit chance greater than 100%. You may recall the existence of ‘red crits’ from many updates ago, which occurred with no clear formula other than “Synapse!”. Here is some clarity into the new system:


The brief:


A weapon with a critical chance greater than 100% will receive 2 calculations:


1) a guaranteed critical damage value - this normally appears as a yellow value.

2) a secondary red crit chance based on the remaining percent- this will appear as a new RED crit if successful!


This means:

If your rate is 125% you get one guaranteed crit and a 25% chance of a red crit.


If this Second Crit occurs, you will see a deadly Red crit value!


Warframe Changes:



  • Blade Storm has received a rework! Now when the ability is used Ash will conjure up to two separate clones which will go on the attack in addtion to the player! This will allow the player clear out large groups of enemies even quicker!


  • Miter base damage has been increased along with the flight speed and proc chance of charged shots
  • Increased Fatal Attraction's range and damage at Rank 4 and 5.
  • The Fatal Attraction precept will now wait until enemies are within range before the pull ability is initialized.
  • Tweaked the positioning on the Leg Armor accessories for a number of Warframes.
  • Added in an additional range based visual effect on Molecular Prime that should help with distinguishing the distance of targets affected by the ability.
  • Tweaked the Excalibur Prime Channeling visual effects.
  • Specters will now re-generate Energy over time now so as to allow them to continue to use Powers over long amounts of time.
  • Player movement is now prohibited at the start of Conclave rounds.
  • Tweaked the sound effects for the Skana Prime.
  • Reduced the amount of damage dealt to attacking players when using Reflection in PvP matches.
  • Tweaked the visuals on Valkyr's Immortal Skin.
  • Tweaked the sound effects on the Moa Laser Disc gun explosion and Drone Explosion.
  • Reduced required scans for Grineer Rollers.
  • Improved the animations for the Greatsword and Axe animation sets.
  • The first round of Interception missions will now be easier for Solo players with enemies spawning throughout the mission. The difficulty will remain the same when playing with 2-4 players.
  • Adjusted the positioning of Chest Armor on Ember, Banshee, Valkyr, Zephyr, Vauban, Saryn, and Nyx.



  • Fixed issues with many Sentinel precepts having their priority subverted by other slotted precepts. Example, if you ever noticed your Djinn would never seem to cast Fatal Attraction, it is likely because it was slotted in the 2nd/3rd/4th Precept Slot and was not properly prioritized.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to exit Conclaves properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Invite Button not appearing correctly when playing Key lobby missions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Codex not properly listing the correct amount of Mods present in the player’s inventory.
  • Fixed an instance of Molecular Prime energy color not appearing correctly on client.
  • Fixed an issue with Molecular Prime not working correctly in PvP matches.
  • Fixed an issue with enemies attempting to pursue players after a successful extraction.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Lotus Voice Overs playing during Dark Sector Conflicts.
  • Fixed an issue with unequipped Sentinels still adding points towards Conclave ratings.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect credit values being shown when depositing very large amounts of credits into the Clan Vault.
  • Fixed an issue with AI being unable to navigate up small ledges in the Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed an issue with Shock Camo pack skins not properly utilizing custom Energy colors.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hikou Holster not properly utilizing custom Energy colors.
  • Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck behind certain crates and boxes on the Forest Defense Tileset.
  • Fixed an exploit which could cause players to gain inordinate amount of credits when selling items.
  • Fixed Seismic Palm and Fracturing Wind being erroneously labeled as "Sparring" which led to confusion on which weapons could use them. They are now labeled as “Fist” Stances.
  • Fixed a missing description for the Arcane Pulse Helmet.
  • Fixed an issue with Enemies remaining in their spawn area in Void Defense missions.
  • Fixed an erroneous description in Trinity's Energy Vampire ability.
  • Fixed issue with Ash being unable to use finishers on enemies that had been previously targeted by Bladestorm.
  • Fixed issue with Shock Camo skin not working on Snipetron Vandal.


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OMG That Ash Revamp! Time for some serious ninja action!



Edited by Omega-X

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Red crits...


Because crit weapons already weren't more powerful than noncrit...

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Tears have stopped. Still a bit sad but thank you DE for the update. Maybe I'll play Ash.

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So, the Ash clones do the old Bladestorm?

Edited by Haiova

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Thanks DE!


Now it's time to test my new ash move...




Edited by ArkHunter

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Since when were there two Interception missions? I thought it was just Gaia. =S

Edited by _Kireek_

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