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Prices are not necessarily fixed, just asking prices. I'm willing to haggle. If you want to haggle, I ask that you PM me, in-game or through the forums. I don't want to fill this up with haggling. If you are fine with the price as is, go ahead and say so here. Or PM, whatever you like.


I can try ranking up unranked mods, it costs 1 plat per rank in most cases. However, it can't hurt to ask me to remove the ranking cost. I've been known to revoke it, and if you are buying more than one item then I'm certainly more inclined to do so.


These are what I think people may be interested in, it's mostly rares. Feel free to ask about other mods, I may have them. No promises on that though.


I'll update this as I get/sell items for trade. I'll also try to keep my in-game/offline status updated for your convenience. I seem to be rather forgetful about switching it to offline, though. If you message me ingame and I'm NOT there, feel free to leave a message here.


I am currently: Offline. Send me a PM here if you're interested in anything, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Warframe mods


Flow: 9 unranked, 2 maxed, 5p either way

Fortitude: 5 unranked, 10p.

Handspring: 1 unranked, 15p.

Intensify: 1 maxed, 4 unranked, 5p either way

Master Thief: 4 unranked, 15p, 20p if maxed.

Rage: 2 unranked, 10p, 13 if maxed.

Reflex guard: 13 unranked, 5p

Streamline: 14 unranked, 5p either way

Undying Will: 8 unranked, 10p

Vigor: 6 unranked, 10p.


Primary Weapon Mods


Accelerated Blast: 4 unranked, 25p

Arrow Mutation: 5 unranked, 10p

Hell's Chamber: 1 Unranked, 15p

Infected Clip: 21 unranked, 5p

Metal Auger: 5 unranked, 15p

Ravage: 5 unranked, 15p

Rifel Ammo Mutation: 1 unranked, 5p

Shotgun Ammo Mutation: 5 unranked, 5p

Shred: 7 unranked, 20p

Sniper Ammo Mutation: 2 unranked, 5p either way.

Split Chamber: 3 unranked, 5p

Stabilizer: 7 unranked, 5p

Thunderbolt: 5 unranked, 5p

Vital Sense: 16 unranked, 5p

Wildfire: 3 unranked, 10p


Secondary Weapon mods


Barrel Diffusion: 2 unranked, 5p

Ice strom: 6 unranked, 15p

Lethal Torrent: 4 unranked, 15p

Pathogen Rounds: 8 unranked, 5p

Pistol Ammo Mutation: 7 unranked, 5p

Seeker: 2 unranked, 15p

Steady Hands: 18 unranked, 5p

Stunning Speed: 8 unranked, 10p


Melee Weapon Mods


Berserker: 2 unranked, 10p

Energy Channel: 15 unranked, 10p

Fever Strike: 7 unranked, 5p

Focus Energy: 3 unranked, 15p

Heavy Trauma: 7 unranked, 10p

Power Throw: 23 unranked, 5p

Rending Stirke: 4 unranked, 20p

Sundering strike: 19 unranked, 5p


Stance Mods


Burning Wasp: 4 unranked, 10p

Coiling Viper: 2 unranked, 15p

Fracturing Wind: 11 unranked, 5p

Reaping Spiral: 22 unranked, 3p

Shimmering Blight: 3 unranked, 10p

Sundering Weave: 8 unranked, 5p


Sentinel Mods


Fired up: 4 unranked, 5p

Self Destruct: 1 unranked, 5p




Corrosive Projection: 1 unranked, 5p

Energy Siphon: 1 unranked, 10p

Infested Impedance: 1 unranked, 5p

Physique: 1 unranked, 5p

Rejuvenation: 2 unranked, 10p

Shield Disruption: 1 unranked, 5p

Sniper Scavenger: 1 unranked, 5p

Speed Holster: 4 unranked, 10p

Steel Charge: 3 unranked, 15p


Primes (weapons and frames) Will bundle for reduced price


Akbronco Prime BP and link, 10p each


Boar Prime BP, Barrel, and Stock, 10p each


Boltor Prime Stock and Barrel, 10p each


Braton Prime, BP and all parts except Reciever, 10p each


Dakra Prime blade and BP, 10p


Ember Prime BP and Chassis bp, 10p each


All Latron Prime parts and the BP, 10p each


Lex Prime barrel, 5p


Mag Prime BP and Chassis bp, 5p each


All Bronco Prime parts and the BP, 10p each


Fang Prime BP, 5p; Fang Prime blades, 10p


Orthos Prime BP and handle, 10p each


Both Reaper Prime parts and BP, 10p each


Sicarus Prime BP, 5p 

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