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Control additions (and possible stealth mechanics)


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I've played the first few missions in Warframe, and I love the game so far.

There is only one real controls hangup that I found (even after mapping everything to more common key configurations):


Let's take 2 shooters for explanation: Ghost Recon Online, and Infamous 2.

Both of these games are third-person shooters that allow you to change which side of your character you shoot from.

In Ghost Recon Online, a press of Q moves the view from the right shoulder to the left shoulder, which helps hugely when trying to shoot around cover and behind walls. Implementing a keybind like this in Warframe might make the game feel a bit more comfortable for players, and would improve the cover-based (it's more like pseudo-cover, since there is no Take Cover button) playstyle that people use when playing missions alone.

These are definitely mechanics to consider, especially since all the different mission types seem to be more of the same. Assassination should feel very different from Infiltrate or Sabotage. Some of these mission types should involve being sneaky, stealthy, and kill efficient. Having major variations in gameplay will keep things interesting and keep this game from becoming CoD against bots.

Keep up the good work, and make the different Warframes unlockable via credits and much cheaper. No pay to win is the best way to go (see Dota 2).TY!

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