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New Contest: Codex Art Refresh


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I want excalibur prime! i really do.. 
so here is my Picture:

                                                                                            Excalibur Prime


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Oh hey! It looks like I might be actually be able to win for once!

Or not...

Probably not...
Oh well. It's not about winning though, it's about making some pretty neat fan art, am I right?


I really do hope that I'm not disqualified for whatever reason...

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This is a Tenno, just awoken in the middle of the desert, no were to go. distraction?

Symbolizes how a new tenno is on he's first mission. Not knowing what to do, having trouble were they are, having a hard time, etc...


Oooh yeah and Megan you wanted: Quote 'Don’t be afraid to think outside the box as you depict your masterpiece!' Quote

Well here you have my out of box 'art'


Please no hate, this took me 2 and a half hours ...


IGN: Phounkia

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This is my entry , hope you guys like it :D


They are Tenno scattered around the world , but still they managed to fight together once more to free the system from the opressing Grinners and High-Tech Corpus , and last but not least the most dangerous thing , the infection !


So the question is : Are you prepared to join them ? Are you awake Tenno ?



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EDIT: Please disregard this entry. I made a new one. It can be seen here (post #265): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/238889-new-contest-codex-art-refresh/?p=2823339


Old post below

I'm not gonna win anyway so I might as well post this.


Wake me up before you go-go 'cause I'm not planning on going solo.





Based on this scene from Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: 



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When a tenno wakes up, fresh from the pod, they are given a choice. That choice is what weapon they choose to bear. As they escape the pod and break free from the clenches of a grineer marine, their first kill in many years, they stumble upon a weapon that can give a tornado of light fire, The Grakata.




Good luck everyone <3

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Valkyr awakening her inner rage as she throws down a Hysteria :,D?

(There's still over a week yet I bet there's gonna be some more awesome entries. Cant wait to see them!)
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Xyrhen este universo es frío y hostil... Tu despertar no será fácil... Tienes un destino que cumplir... Nuestros caminos se cruzaran... Tarde o temprano... Volveré hermano... Hasta entonces... Te deseo suerte... No sera fácil... Y cuando estés preparado... No tendré piedad... Buenos días tenno... Te deseo... Un dulce... Despertar...






Dread ... 
Despair ... 
Hate ... 
Xyrhen this universe is cold and hostile ... Your awakening won't be easy ... You have a destiny to fulfill ... Our paths will be crossed ... Sooner or later I'll be back ... brother ... Until then ... I wish you luck ... It won't be easy ... And when you're ready ... I will not have mercy with you... tenno... Good morning ... I wish you ... A sweet ... Awakening ...
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El despertar del tenno. En la imagen se ve a un tenno despertando desde su punto de vista en una selva sin tener tiempo de reaccionar al ataque de un infectado.

El bosque fue hecho a partir de otras imagenes, la mano fue dibujada y lo demas fue hecho con renders.


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A Tenno Awoken


Countless brethren were slaughtered since the arrivals of the tennos as the grineer and corpus were waging wars among themselves. Until one day when a group of grineer and corpus  met on an unknown location as they escape from the tennos. On their constant fighting to survive, they had awoken a tenno who will change the tide of their battle.



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