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Enjoy listening to this playlist while play warframe


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This is my song playlist , witch ive maneged to gather alot of songs over the past couple years , some have been removed but all in all this playlist compiles alot of







and some others more so sit back and enjoy :-

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Chevelle pretty much goes with anything that includes killing.

Hizaki Grace Project (Try to get past the fact that it's a guy, because he's got some very amazing talent)

A lot of Noisia is a good thing.

Split the Atom (Not safe for Work {Nudity})

The Touch



If you are trying to keep in theme, then I ask that you find some Shamisen and Taiko music.

For example....

Yoshida Brothers



Wish Shami vs. Taiko was more common or easier to find at least...

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I typically listen to stuff along these lines...

Then once in a while I will get a random song laike..

...Sike mofuka;

Will reply later on how I feel about your guys' playlists.

So far liking OP's.

... Yup.

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Some great playlists here!

I've got one that I enjoy listening to while playing here at work:

From Wiki:

Darkspace is an ambient black metal band from Bern, Switzerland. In contrast to most misconceptions about black metal productions, the focus of their music is not satanic or misanthropic; their songs' lyrics talk overall about space, darkness and cosmic mysticism. Besides dominant sounds, vocals are sporadic isolated samples from space-themed films like Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey and the film Event Horizon.


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