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Enemies Of The Tenno: Grineer Submission Winner And Interview


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It’s been a long road for all of our submissions but at last we’re finally here.  The people have spoken and the honor of being the next genetically imperfect weapon to claim the lives of future Tenno goes to Kadabura’s Manic Grineer, an aggressive yet stealthy killer who lurks in shadows before striking!  Or near high ceilings, or arid corridors; we don’t really think the Manic is too picky.


Thankfully Kadabura was able to sit down with us and chat about the future of Grineer military enterprise.  Unfortunately their engineer contract explicitly forbade any information that could give Tenno a strategic advantage, but who doesn’t like a challenge anyway?



Why don't we start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself.


Well, my nickname most places online is Aisha, and I'd like to say I'm an artist! I've taken a year off from college but I plan to go back in next year, hopefully majoring in Illustration or Sequential Art. I'm really interested in concept art, character design, story creation; all of that! I'm aiming to land a job in the gaming industry sometime down the road so naturally after art my second biggest passion is playing video games!


Has a lot of your character design been focused around bio-engineered ambush killers?  It seems like you really nailed that.


Ha! Well I do have a love for sci-fi robotic bad guys and creating stealthy attack units, so if that's showing through my designs then I couldn't be happier.


Who is your favorite Warframe?


I haven't been able to test too many Warframes out yet, but Valkyr by far is my favorite. She's my main go-to Warframe for most missions actually! I gotta say nothing feels better than throwing down a Hysteria and then punching your way out of a tight situation -- It definitely helped my crew and I out on those precarious Suspicious Shipment alerts!




So, what was your inspiration for the Manic Grineer?


The Grineer already have a lot of varied units on their side, but I noticed more often than not (especially late into Survival missions) you get a lot of heavy hitters like Bombards and Napalms crowding the map. I thought a good mix into that would be something stealthy that went against the Grineer's mob attacks, something that catches you off guard.


I imagined going into a nice clear room where you think you're safe from assault and then WHAM something falls from the ceiling and gets you. Nothing too strong but enough to shake you up and keep you on your toes. From that I started to develop the Manic.


I think it's easy to view the Grineer as brutish grunts but we forget they are one of the dominant forces within the system.  Their battle tactics are pretty diverse when we look at their troops.


I agree! Coupled with their use of arc traps and other gadgets the Grineer really have an expansive arsenal of units and tactics.


Is there a particular reason you decided to go with Grineer Manic instead of Stealthy McFastGuy?


'Stealthy McFastGuy' and 'WHAT JUST FELL ON ME' are probably the most accurate names for it, but it’s just a -bit- less intimidating than Manic Grineer. But by all means if someone wants to shout "Oh hey, there goes Stealthy McFastGuy!", I'm all for it.


Was there a particular map that came to mind when designing the Manic's ambush?


Hmm, it's hard to say really! I think it was the large hangars and overall open rooms scattered across tile sets that gave me the idea; ledges and open floors that allow you to hop over them and hit your enemies with a ground slam. I thought it'd be neat to have an enemy with an ability to stagger you with a similar attack, something that uses a player's basic tactics against them.


What game mode do you think the Manic will have the greatest impact in?


I think the Manic could put a difficult twist on any mode, however Survival might be devastating if you're low on life support and a Manic spawns in a room that has the latest capsule in it, charging at you and knocking you away from your goal!


I’m sure a lot of work is going to be put into designing his ambush, particularly in balancing how and when he’ll appear.


I don't doubt it. The Manic could be pretty overwhelming in its base design, but I'm sure it'll be implemented in a way where it's more of a fun challenge and not too annoying!


Now having seen some of the competition are there any alterations you would have made to its design?


Everyone did a great job mixing the Grineer's aesthetics into their designs to make it look like their concept really belonged with the faction, same thing with their attack patterns. I was worried at first the color scheme was too far from the other Grineer: trading in dusty greens and blues and yellows for a sleek black and red. Making him lurk alone in the shadows instead of facing the battle starting out in a group...


But I'm pretty sure in my design choices now. In the end I feel I took a bit of a risk, but it paid off and I'm really grateful and honored other people agreed with my decisions!


Well I'm sure the Manic Grineer will look forward to hunting you down in the near future.  Just for a personal thank you, of course!


I look forward to it! And for when my friends inevitably accuse me every time they get downed by a Manic's attack...I'll happily take full blame.  : )



A huge congratulations to Kadabura and all of our other submissions in the Enemies of the Tenno design contest.  We’re absolutely in awe of the amount of talent you’ve all displayed, and would like to give a friendly reminder that all submissions are kept on hold for potential use in the future. 


If you’re interested in more opportunities to help showcase the creativity in our sector be sure to check out the Codex Art Contest!  Submissions close Thursday, June 12 so make sure you submit your entry here.


Lastly, if you had fun participating in our recent community poll be sure to check out our Enemies of the Tenno Devstream this Friday (June 6) where developers Tom, Paul, Dan and Scott J will sit and chat with Rebecca on all things enemies!

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Well done on the design Kadabura! After the Corpus voting was done I browsed the Grineer and must say your Manic caught our attention right away! My friends and I in our clan were rooting for the Manic all along and were so excited that he has won the voting!


Good to see another fellow artist interested in the same art paths as us. We look forward to seeing how the Manic fairs in game, as well as our Riot Moa. Good luck with your future artistic endeavors~

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Thank you everyone!! I hope people enjoy the Manic's addition to the game and I can't wait to see all three of the winners implemented! Every entry in each category brought their own unique flavor to the table, and I'm very humbled to have been picked out of this lot of extremely talented individuals :>

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Thank you everyone!! I hope people enjoy the Manic's addition to the game and I can't wait to see all three of the winners implemented! Every entry in each category brought their own unique flavor to the table, and I'm very humbled to have been picked out of this lot of extremely talented individuals :>

I can already see it

tenno vs stalker vs manic XD

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One thing I've noticed with all 3 of the current winning entries, each of them were opposite of the factions normal 'whatever' ( Juggernaut a ranged character over melee, Riot Moa Armored vs shielded, and now a stealth Grineer vs in your face). Looking forward to all 3 enemies!


Pretty sure the Juggernaut is predominately a melee that just happens to have a ranged attack to stun or scatter foes (so like a cross between the heavy Ancients and mid-ranged Crawlers), but I agree that the latest of these submissions has brought something entirely new to the table. It's nice to see a stealthy enemy, especially since we ended up with very in-your-face winners for the last two contests (and all we have otherwise is Invisibility on Anyo and capture targets, who use it to escape rather than fight).

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Payday 2 cloakers. Uh oh. BIG UH OH



"Now go to the forums, and cry like the little $#*(@ you are!"



Ill take that as a compliment then


No idea how


That compliment...


You could say...




You deservate.



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I'm not all that enticed by the idea of a L4D Hunter in Warframe, but the QTE notwithstanding I suppose the Grineer could use a surprise unit. It kinda reminds me of those Rats from Borderlands 2, and can I can see it moving in erratic and unpredictable patterns as it moves in to claw at you, and occasionally just losing it and jumping at your face (cognitive degeneration at it's finest).


I'll at least give it a chance, and congratulations. ;)

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Grineer Edgemaster

Faction: Grineer

Alloy Armour- 250

Cloned Flesh- 2000

Regions: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Sedna, Europa

Ingame Description- "I am XxDeathDemonKillaxX, prepare to die!"

Abilities- Loudly plays "Linkin Park- Crawling in my Skin" to everyone near it, does 600 Slash damage per hit with a 100% proc chance, and writes bios of his Sonic original characters which he posts on Deviantart so his friends at school can complement his work.

Drops: Shadows of the Dead, Tranquil Cleave, Killing Blow, Organ Shatter, Rending Strike, other mods with slightly edgy names.

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