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Spawned with no weapons, no enemies, got S#&$loads of XP that promptly disappeared


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So, I joined a game in progress, and spawned to see this:


None of my equipment had spawned, I had no powers, my Warframe had no colors, and the value of my shield gauge was wrong (I have 184 maximum shields right now).

All the other players were frozen in place, and no enemies were visible, even though I heard the sounds of the other players fighting. I typed a message into the chat to say that I had glitched out, and then my equipment popped in, and I saw a Corpus leech-drone that I shot down with my pistol. Then, I walked unopposed to the exit, and stood there, waiting for the other players to arrive, and then got bored and went back out again to see where they were. As I was opening an equipment locker, I promptly got shown the "Mission Successful" cinematic. It then said that I had earned 47,000 warframe XP, and nearly as much weapon XP; the bar was shown levelling up several times. Then I got a "Session Disconnected" message, and I clicked "okay".

So, I went into my arsenal to check, and saw that none of my equipment had actually levelled; the XP it said I was given had promptly disappeared, and this (XP given on the mission reward screen disappearing) is a bug that's affected me several times; I put off making a bug report about it since I wasn't sure if it was a "Mission Failure" penalty, but this mission was definitely successful and it still happened. Then I came here to make the bug report.

EDIT: Also, the mission I entered and glitched out on isn't listed as defeated, now; I can't go on to the next level.

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