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Saryn Prime - New Concept


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i love the work you did on the abdomen and "fungal crests" on her shoulders. They look fantastic! The head seems like it's holding more weight than it physically should. (Then again, this IS Saryn we're talking about.) The rings on the..."lobes" of the helmet are a pretty nice touch.

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Lileth, I don't mean to be the voice of dissent here but you asked what we thought, so I'd like to point some things out to you.


Firstly, I love the work you did here, the coloring and the details.  The gold sternum/belly plating is cool, never seen that before, also like the danglies at the end tips of the helm, nice touch.  Her forearms still retain an air of elegance too with the gold touches on there.

Secondly, let me give some critique as well.  The helm though really cool looking has too much, what I mean by this is it's really, really, heavy looking, like she'd stumble around because of the disproportionate weight from it.  I can see a bit of xenomorph stylization involved too.  Also, what many players have done is cleaned her up and gotten rid of the waist sash, it currently looks really bad on her in game and without it she'll look free and more able to flex those legs while in a fight.

There's what I think mate!  Nice work.

EDIT:  Btw, congratulations on having your Loki Prime concept (at least the helm) added to the upcoming Loki Prime in game!  =)

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Very jungle/amazon warrior-ish, cool.


The "alien" head is gross though, I think it could work but right now it looks like a saggy pus sack, or a cockroach egg. Maybe make it shorter or something.


The gold frills under the boobs seem out of place somehow, maybe move them closer to the skin.


Also, funny how the Tenno/Orokin seem to have a unicorn fetish xD

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