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Wts Prime Parts And A Few Rare Mods For Platinum,dirt Cheap(Pc)

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(Should've added this earlier but I do have a rule about my sales,the reservations are effective for 5 days,if the buyer is not on by then I'm afraid it must go back on the market to give other people a chance,you may try to reserve the item again but a meeting time and day must be set up to make it the sale faster and easier.)

Player Status:Online now,under revision 

For sale:PM Offers
Prime Parts:

Ankyros Prime blade

Boar Prime BP

Boar Prime Stock

Boltor Prime Stock

Braton Prime BP

Burston Prime Barrel

Burston Prime reciever

Burston Prime Stock

Ember Prime Chassis BP

Ember Prime Helmet BP

Frost Prime Systems BP

Latron Prime Set

Mag Prime Chassis BP

Orthos Prime Handle

Reaper Handle

Reaper Prime BP


Want to Trade:
Wyrm Prime cerebrum for Loki Prime helmet or system

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