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In their corresponding forums, it might be a good idea to have a single, locked thread writeable to by only DE staffers. Have Steve or Rebecca post in there when DE wants to let beta testers know that something has reached their ears.

I'm just trying to think of a way to cut through all the white noise. Ever since the new year, it seems like the forums are filled with repeats of the same requests and/or bug reports.

e.g. "Pro plat only is lame" or "pay2win has g2g" (even though I agree with those two sentiments, for the love of God I'm sick of seeing them), or "Falling down elevators shafts" or "Video settings aren't being saved" or "People don't show up online" or "The planet of Pluto has not yet come alive and used its burning, fiery wrath to enslave the lesser planets, especially Jupiter with its snooty attitude thinking it's so great."

Having a single, "authorized" thread with big glittery ribbons attached and colorful spotlights and techno dance music blaring from the speakers might help calm people the eff down, y'know.

Edit: On second thought, techno dance music might not help calm people down; but it sure would liven the atmosphere. Y'all.

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