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Ingame Frame Per Second (Fps) Problems

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I hope I writed it in a good section.

Warframe worked for me a whole time fine 50-40 fps in the ships
But after some updates the new open locations has been added and in those locations my computer have only 26-14 fps :/ I think this is a problem of too much plants, In other games when I turn off or cut the range of showing plants my FPS go up nicely.
PLS Devs add in graphic option to turn ON and OFF Plants or even giving it OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH it will depends on the range.
HIGH showing plants as it is now I think it is infinite range
MEDIUM showing plants in 50 meters range
LOW Showing plants in 20 meters range
OFF no plants in game

One my friends don't play warframe anymore because of these opened locations he have only 12 fps in those it is unplayable for him.

PS: I'm already have all options to minimum except Resolution: 1920x1080.

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In general the FPS have goone downhill for quite a while now.
Though they did speak of some new way to load content, that there are working on, and that would improve performance, but I can't remember if it was for PS4 or PC.


But I agree, more options to fiddle with would be nice.

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Or DE could make option to reduce the number of foliage in the same way, so that you don't get any wierd pop in's and to increase overall performance.

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