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Update 13.7.0 + Depths Of The Void


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13.7.0: Depths of the Void & New Prime Gear!



  • New Prime Gear has been discovered in the Void:
  • T4 Void Keys are here! You can find them in Interception missions across the Solar System in the following way:
  • T4 Exterminate, Capture, and Mobile Defense keys can appear Round 3 or later on ‘Medium’ Interception missions (starting enemy level 10-20).
  • T4 Survival, Defense, and Interception keys can appear Round 3 or later on ‘Hard’ Interception missions (starting enemy level 20+).

Note:  To prevent exploits with all Void Keys, if you are hosting and abort an endless mission after the objective has been completed, you will lose your key.

  • Captain Vor has been twisted by the Void! We now know the powers of the Void Corrupted him, and we have word he is lurking in the depths of the Void! Will he appear in your T4 Key?
  • New ‘Tenno’ Themed Color Picker! Add additional color options inspired by other Warframes for your  customizations! All default frame colours from A(sh) to Z(ephyr) (Hydroid coming in Season 2).
  • New Edo Armor animations! The Edo Chest piece will play a custom animation when the player takes damage after their shields have been depleted.


Dark Sector Changes:

  • Added in MOTD (Message of the Day) Functionality for Alliances: Warlords in an Alliances will now have an additional button in their Alliance Management UI screen which will allow them create Messages of the Day for the entire Alliance. Alliance MOTD's will also display the author's name and clan. Budget Caps have now been added in to allow Clans/Alliances to set a Maximum Budget as well as min/max per-mission Battle Pay. These can be set by Warlord and Tacticians within the Clan/Alliance.
  • The amount of missions that can be funded by Battle Pay will now properly respect the Solar Rail health.
  • A "Set By:" label has been added to Taxes and Battle Pay so as to allow members of Clans/Alliances to track these additions.
  • All Solar Rail Mobile Defense hacking procedures will now take 3 minutes to prevent potential exploits.


Survival Changes:

  • A Survival Leader scaling system has been introduced. This system will start with Leaders initially spawning in after the 5 minute mark. After this point there will be an increasing chance for each enemy that spawns in to be a Leader type. This percent will start at 0% and will grow to a maximum 20% chance from the 5-60 minute mark. Additional Survival tiles and enemy types have been included in Survival missions to support this feature.


  • Interception Missions have had their difficulty rebalanced. The overall difficulty of Easy missions has been reduced by lowering enemy spawn rates. The Medium setting will now reflect a level of difficulty on par with the previous Easy mode.
  • Updated Specter Army Descriptions to include information about the number of conflicts they persist for.
  • Tweaked the positioning of the Daedalus shoulder armor offsets.
  • Improved the performance of the Torid on low end computers.
  • Improved the performance of the Penta on low end computers.



  • Fixed an issue with enemies not properly scaling in Void and Derelict Defense missions.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed being unable to scan the Arid Butcher Eximus correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with single player lobbies being erroneously logged as ‘Session Full’ and thus prevent any additional players from joining in.
  • Fixed an issue with Codex not showing drop locations for MODs despite player completing scans for enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Jackal getting stuck in a blocking animation which would prevent it from moving or attacking.
  • Fixed an issue with Turbulence visuals remaining in effect indefinitely if a player entered into a teleport volume while the ability was active.
  • Fixed an issue with Sabotage tiles incorrectly appearing in Shipyard Survival missions.
  • Fixed the Serro description erroneously mentioning non-existent Sedna Shipyards.
  • Fixed an issue with the Recent Player's list not being properly populated when accessed via the Invite Player menu.
  • Fixed an issue with Prosecutors spawning in as Guardsmen in Shipyard Survival missions.
  • Fixed lack of Prosecutors on Grineer Shipyard missions that had been ‘taken back’ by the Grineer faction from the Corpus via invasion.


Updated Current Prime drop tables to include reward by tier/rotation for endless types, particularly with Defense to show at which wave which rewards are chosen. Please note that the volume of feedback regarding these tables is being relayed. We have added this step for immediate clarity, and will be reviewing throughout the night.



Fixed duplicate Loki Prime Codex entry.

Fixed Loki Prime crafting casting 10 Argon Crystal, it is now 1 Orokin Cell for full frame.

Fixed issues with Japanese localizations.

Fixed Loki Prime not coming with Ability Mods.

Fixed Interception missions having broken UI and art when Joining in progress.

Fixed T4 Capture Keys not spawning capture targets.

Fixed issues where killing Vor in the Void during a transmission would result in an error.

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