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Pros and Cons.


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Let´s simply review this game listing pros and cons.


-It´s free.

-Fresh character designs.

-Ninja/samurai feel.

-Nice lightning effects.

-Fast gameplay.


-Music plays random in levels.

-Clonic levels.

-Almost no background story.

-Weapons are only purchasable.

-New weapons start at 0 level making them almost worse than your older ones.

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I would say its quite dull and boring at first its got the awesome space marine feel but melee feels meh and the levels are 100% the same it becomes dull fast.

Its a good game but they need to work on the levels alot i think we got like 50 mission areas and every one of them is 100% the same even down to the same dam doors been locked and forcing you to run half the level backwards to find the key.

The melee needs to have more heavy feel to it as it just kind of feels light and airly like you are using paper to wack flys around a room.

The stealth grenades need to be fixed instant kill for most players who do not stack shield mods to reach like 1k+ shields.

The game is good but seems abit lose but it is loads of fun i guess its not quite the pro con list you might of had in mind.

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