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Swordsman 'kill daily' does NOT track NON charge kills


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You can tap e kill every enemy on the ship but the tracker will never move. You NEED to charge melee kill in order for it to work.

Are you by any chance using the Bo or Furax gauntlets? If so then you do indeed need to use charge attacks to have the kills register for it.

One way around this is with an Excalibur and using Slash Dash since anything killed with that counts torwards Swordsman.

It does for me most of the time. I Think the real issue is that currently if the elemental damage on your weapon kills a enemy, the kill isn't considered a melee kill.

Tested it with a lvl 0 Bo and whenever I used normal or charged attacks it didn't seem to register for the challenge, but no problems on a sword without elemental damage.

It just seems a bit buggy currently for Furax and the Bo.

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