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Solutions For Drop Dilution.


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I've been thinking of 2 or 3 ways of improving Defense mission award system because I've been playing it for several months straight for anything Ankyros or Reaper Prime to absolutely no success. I don't have too serious of a complaint about Survival as of now, other than that all of the Void mission drop tables should exclude Cores and Keys. They are all are cluttered enough and nothing is more infuriating than finishing a Capture mission to get another Capture Key. Glory to RNG and his infinite mercy, for he has given me another chance! Burn in hell.


1. Elimination

I really don't want to be that guy in the forum who says the same thing over and over again regardless of thread topic but RNG is an overwhelming presence in Warframe. Simply, if you pass up a reward that reward is removed from future reward pool. Defense and Survival mission drop tables could act as buffers to free up some space for shorter missions like Capture and Mobile Defense.


2. More options

This is probably a tad more grindy than the first option. So until wave 15, players only get one reward option like we do now. However, after wave 20, 2 rewards show up--you still get to choose only one of them. After wave 30, 3 options, and so on and so forth. This, however marginally, presents the players with something they, for the lack of a better word, deserve after facing increasingly difficult enemies, that is to say higher chance (or so it'd seem--really, DE, an illusion of progression would be sufficient to bring me back to the hamster wheel and I'll smile like a maniac all the way) of obtaining whatever Prime piece they've stayed for. Of course no duplicates should show up, so no 2 Braton Prime stocks and 2 Mag Prime BPs in your 45th wave. 


In either case (esp. second one since wave 30+ really isn't an issue) I wouldn't complain if Cores, rare mods, or Keys stayed in Void Defense drop tables. But the current Defense reward system is downright ridiculous. 

the multiple reward idea is relatively recent. But it would work better for defene missions imo

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