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As a Warframe player with some decent knowledge and experience about this game, I can certainly say there are many systems that cannot be scaled in the future just like the current mastery rank and mod system, etc.


So, how can we think of these aspects at the moment? Are these place holder systems - well must be because we all know how flawed there are and that they cannot exist for the next years.


I can remember when some staff members stated they wanted to create something that could last for a long time which made me laugh already back then but it becomes more and more urgent to rework some fundamentel game mechanics to keep players but also attract new ones.


I play since the Closed Beta and I really noticed a change of the attitude towards the game: A lot of my contacts and friends said something like 'the developers are not entirely serious about their game' what makes me sad because I couldn't make them stay.


The only reason why I am still here is that I have a creative profession and Warframe is truely an interactive piece of art.


I do see the efforts everybody makes to improve this game but this growing bubble will pop some time.

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