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Selling Cheap Rare Mods & Prime Parts. Prices Listed

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all prices are negotiable, I'll also do deals if people are buying 3 or more mods. will also do deals if I have multiple of any item. for example if you wanted energy channel, focus energy and hells chamber i'd be fine selling they lot for 8-10 plat rather than 15. can message me here or ingame. feel free to add me if you want to know when im online


rare mods


accelerated blast x2 5p

barrel diffusion x2 10p

beserker 10p

cleaving whirlwind x2 5p

constitution 10p

crossing snakes 8p

energy channel x3 5p

fired up x5 5p

firestorm x3 5p

flow x4 5p

focus enegy x3 5p

fortitude 10p

hells chamber x3 5p

ice storm 8p

lethal torent x2 5p

malignant force 5p

master thief x3 5p

narrow minded 10p

natural talent x2 5p

pistol pestilence 5p

power throw x11 3p

ragex3 5p

reflex guard 5p

rending strike x3 5p

sniper ammo muntation 10p

spoiled strike x3 5p

stabilizerx2 5p

steady hands x4 5p

stunning speed x2 5p

sundering strike x2 5p

tainted clip 10p

tainted mag 10p

thunderbolt x3 5p

toxic barrage x3 5p

undying will x2 5p

vigor x2 10p

Virulent scourgex3 5p

Vital sense x3 3p

Wildfire 5p



Enemy radar x2 5p

Energy syphon x2 8p

Physique 5p

Rejuvenation 5p

Rifle scavenger 5p

Shotgun scavenger x2 3p

Speed holster x3 3p

Steel charge 5p


Prime weapons

akbronco prime bp x9 3p

boar prime BP x3 5p

boar prime receiver x4 3p

boltor prime barrel x3 5p

boltor prime stock 5p

braton prime bp 5p

bronco prime barrel 5p

buston prime barrel x4 3p

burston prime stock x2 3p

fang prime blade x6 3p

glaive prime disk x2 5p

latron prime receiver 5p

latron prime stock x5 3p

paris prime lower limb x8 3p

reaper prime bp x5 3p

reaper prime handle x3 3p

reaper prime blade 5p

sicarus prime barrel x5 3p

sicarus prime BP x2 3p


prime frames

ember prime helmet 5p

frost prime helmet 5p

frost prime systems x2 5p

mag prime BP x5 3p

mag prime chassis x5 3p

mag prime helmet 5p


also have lots of uncommon mods but wont list those

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