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Help Tweak Saryn Please :)



ok so I have a pretty pro saryn cant screenshot as I am a ps4 user but ill do my best to explain


mods are:

r7 redirection

r7 vitality

r7 blind rage

max vigor

max rage

max intensify

max fleeting expertise

max streamline

max stretch

max miasma


she reaches 740/1110 with -65% power duration (I have the helm that adds stamina with a reduction to power duration)


any advice would be greatly appreciated I love her she can do T3 defense/surv like a boss (better than rhino ever thought about being) I just feel like she isn't perfect if ya know what I mean


thanks :)

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That's the beauty of having a choice. I had a melee build with Mag with her second iteration of pull. I have a melee build with Ember, because you can easily chain Max Blindrage + Intensify fireballs between melee and blocking while using accelerant as a light cc. Thankfully, I'm not bothered by the whole what's the most effective and rather just like having fun with what I like. My Valkyr's melee build centers around maxed armor and max power strength warcry to slow enemies to a crawl so I can rip through them. I don't run stamina on her but I reduce the cost and duration of warcry so I can cast it on each new group I fight. I've always enjoyed fighting in melee in Warframe and so most of my builds tend to center around that. It's just by personal preference though since I don't always want to use my Valkyr.


I actually have a second Saryn which I've been grooming for Venom/Miasma builds as well. Want her to be a heavy caster/debuff engine.

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I had written a decently long reply but closed the tab, doh. Just gonna copy paste some of my other advice then;





Contagion builds are the only time you should have a higher Blind Rage. But Contagion builds are fairly terrible in comparison. They aren't bad, but don't shine like Venom or Miasma builds. Valkyr is a much more effective melee platform, imo.


thanks for the tips man ive never actually built for anything but miasma ..... I will definitely be trying a duration with venom/contagion build molt isn't viable to me it dies in 2 seconds lol im more of a run for cover guy when things get hairy ... ive never played with venom I never could pop the spores and contagion I think I hated on my miasma build because of no duration so ill give that a shot again too im just bored of my miasma build not because she's bad just bored of blasting miasma constantly  

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