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(Cant Start This Topic Anywhere Else Sorry If In The Wrong Place) Can I Have Sandana Please?


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So, Spectar rescues have finished now and I didnt make the 100 points on my ps4 acccount, but at 84 can I get it anyway?

I planned to play the last few hours but this morning I was wrongly accused of plagiarism and spent most of my day proving myself innocent. It‘s a pretty big deal and I'm off to uni in September so it couldn't have avoid.. By the time it was sorted out there was no time left to make it to the 100 points!  So can I have it for my Ps4 account pretty please?  Lest my grinding be for nothing.

I'm using my ps4 controller so I apologize for the poor grammar.

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im sorry to say, if one person got it who didnt get to 100, then everyone who didnt get to 100 would want one to. sorry if I sound rude but, since you didnt get to 100 in time, you shouldnt get the Syndana. 

No I appreciate your opinion and that you took the time and effort to articulate a response and very politely  too. I had to ask. 

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