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Planetary Voids


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Basically, you play all the missons on a planet to complete something like a map to the void rift. At completion you'll recieve 15 keys that does not have a bias to a gametype. The planet voids are tiered based off the planet i.e Ceres T3. In my mind this remedies the current void issues of too much stuff and also gives vets a reason to play planets again as well as gives new tenno reason to clear planets.


Now, on to the issues of it.


I said 15 unbiased keys because the amount of grinding that would go into clearing a planet like Eris would not be worth one capture key. Tac on the fact that rare fusion cores are a reward possibility then it would be murderous rage inducing. If not unbiased then 3 of each type.


What to do with the old system? Keep it? People don't like change so leave it for them. Or fill it with hats, I heard that's a thing nowadays.


What planets should be done? All of the eventually, for now all the redone tilesets sounds good. Earth, Phobos, Ceres.


But the lore! Well, retcons. I thought I'd have more there.


Thoughts? Opinions? Loving praise?

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