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Alliance Info Is Simply Terrible. View Alliance Offers No Info!


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As the founding Warlord of a growing alliance -- currently 37 member clans, I have to say that the information available on my alliance is simply terrible.


Clicking on "View Alliance," I am given a list of Member Clans, their emblem, and literally nothing else!  Nothing else is available.  Not who the warlords are.  Not how many members are in each clan.  Nothing!


At issue,


- The Clan list only comes according to the date the invite was sent.  Not according to when the clan actually joined, and not alphabetically.  Only by the date of the invite.


- Warlords.  In order to get an idea of who rules which Clan in my Alliance, I literally had to conduct a days long roll-call.   Most of the Warlords got back to me, but many, however, did not respond.  In other words, I don't know who is in charge of many of the Clans in my alliance, and I have no way of finding out.   Think for a moment about how this effects our ability to organize. 


- Warlord Activity.  It would also be nice to know if all of the present Warlords are actually active.


- Clan Activity and Clan Members.  The Alliance Chat for my Alliance typically has over 100 members active at any one time.  We are a large alliance.  However, without clan-tabs next to people's name, or a list in View Alliance of who belongs to which Clan, there is no way of knowing which Clan has active members.


So, how do I know if a particular Clan is dead?  Or only has 1 or 2 active members?  I don't.  This makes activity kicks inside an Alliance impossible since you literally have no way of knowing who is active from a particular clan.


- Member Count.  For organizational purposes, it would be very useful to know the member count of each Clan in the Alliance.


- Total Alliance Member Count.  37 Clans...how many members is that again?  Oh...we don't have that info available...anywhere.


- Warlord Chat or Private Message.  Feel like discussing strategy with your Warlords?  Not possible without a 3rd party system.  There is the Alliance Chat tab, which is overrun with Clan members and that is it.

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lack of player/clan/alliance info is pretty terrible, its 1 of the reasons players/clans/alliances have no presence in game.


the need to add players to your friend list just to info them is pretty terrible as well, needs something more like Eve Online's system of just rightmousing, clicking Info on a player and being able to see some juicy info/stats and being able to further click a players clan and or alliance names for info on them.

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