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Divine Avengers - Storm Clan With A Nice View Of The Solar System...


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DA needs fresh blood. Fresh blood as in - people who like to take it easy and don`t stress about being numero uno in genocide.


So what are we looking for exactly - people who are partially active (log in at least 1-2 a week), like to run around maps doing nothing in particular, are open minded about spending 2 hours in the obstacle course trying to get past one specific part, and other crazy stuff.

What do you get - a large dojo, where you can hear your echo for miles and miles, some whacky people runing around and talking nonsense, friedly support and imaginary hug from a space sharkbearzilla... or an angel... whichever you prefer...

PM me (Psychotoxin) in-game, or leave a comment here. Whatever floats your goat.


EDIT: I guess you people are interested in research. Yup - we has it. Last time i checked - all of it. That is to say - everythng before U14 has been researched, and most of U14 has been too by now (if not all of it)...


EDIT v.2: Also forgot to mention - we have our own clan emblem... Sorry, no pic of it yet...

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Hello there, I'm interested in your clan, the one I am in now is only 5 people and they aren't active, I'm looking for a clan that is willing to help with missions, offer advice, and help me out in learning how to enhance my playing abilities. If there is room for me I'm happy to join, if not I understand and I hope your clan prospers.

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Hey, Skorpior here. Another member of the consul.


*Insert sound of infested here*


Oh, sorry, thats my research. Don't mind that. In case you don't know, we are running quite short on members, and we are still looking for some, absolutely eager for adventure. So post here if you are interested. I (or another member of the Consul, such as Psychotoxin) will make sure to send you an invitation at my earliest convenience.


Skorpior, we are done here.

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