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What's Your General Warframe Mod Build?



I've not change my set-up much these past few months except to level up new gear. So i've been running excalibur for a while now with:


Slash Dash Max

Radial Blind Max

Streamline R4

Fleeting Expertise R4

Continuity Max

Constitution Max

Stretch Max

Overextend Max

Equilibrium Max

Rush Max


DE has/will basically rework most if not all warframe mods. So i'm not even going to bother with them much. Just because, I felt like putting Super Jump on but when I use it. ITS A PIECE OF CRAP. I looked on wiki.... apparently super jump needed Power Strength. Obviously Im not forma'd to use the "V" polarity and in order to use super jump I'd have to change 2 or more mods. So now it seems using forma on your warframe to build for certain abilities is going to be a waste of time unless you're willing to forma your frame 30+ times. So I'm think of running these mods:



Fast Deflection


Quick Thinking




Shield Flux

Steel Fiber



what do you guys think of a general build? Any changes you can think of? What are your general builds?

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*snorts with laughter*


eh man. excal with a pure radial blind build is op since the change to it (enemies effected by it receive 4x melee damage)

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