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Warframe Concept - Cybernetic Brain And Nervous System "hacker Warframe" [Edited: Rough Art]


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Since we are all familiar with the technocyte virus and its ability to turn flesh into a biological machine what if we had a warframe that could use/further emulate artificial robot advantages while still maintaining a biological form and the tenno's ability to channel energy.


Power 1


Dual MOA guns deploy from the shoulders of the frame, targetting the closest enemy within range with laser rifle bursts, with 100% precision but the player cannot target the ability, player can continue to fight as normal while this power is activated.


Power 2 - Zui Quan


Enhances pathways between the brain and the rest of the body by temporarily running overvoltage, allowing superior jumping, running, and melee damage, but causing a short but significant slowdown while the circuits cool down and regain their conductivity after the ability runs out, damage resistance is increased during the first part and reduced during the short handicap, the player stumbles around aiming wildy


Power 3 - Awareness


Superior analysis of enemies using multiple sensors outside the normal human/tenno perceptions, allowing to know the location, health, heart rate, weak spots and movements of all enemies within range (hearts or CPU's of enemies are highlighted, and is visible by the player only  maybe using hud elements instead of rendering the heart, through walls and objects) enemies detected by this power will be marked on the minimap as well for all players, until dead.


Power 4


A subroutine is activated in the purely robotic control centers of the brain that automatically targets visible, alive enemies for you that you cannot influence with your inferior biological aiming. Your only inputs are movement and the triggers on the gun you had deployed, you will be auto-aimed for the duration with no ability to switch target until either the enemy is dead or loses visibility behind cover. If no primary or secondary weapons are equipped, the warframe will deploy its dual MOA lasers and they will independantly blast enemies with extreme rapid fire, damage levels much similar to Radial Javelin, just not everyone at once.



This warframe will appeal to those denizens of the gaming world known as "cheaters" or "hackers". Two of the abilities are similar to features in multihacks for FPS games and might feel similar to chams and an aimbot, but that cost energy to use and dont last all that long.

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awareness is like sonar (but it's true dat other frames use powers from other frames)

this is cool. is there a fan art concept


what is da first and fourth power's name

I'll think of one


First Power- Auto-Fire?

Fourth Power- Visible Operation?

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No I havnt done any art for this but Im thinkin about it, might have to get a pencil and paper at work tonight see what I come up with while the machines are down.


As to awareness being like sonar, the trick is it behaves like sonar as far as the minimap goes but there will be no visuals for the whole team, I imagine something like when you have to "clean up" during the end of a wave of Interception, but only showing on the one player's hud and maybe scales with distance instead of all of the icons remain the same size... or have them be just dots with snaplines to the bottom center of the screen


as for names of the auto-aim centered abilities I was thinking of using math-oriented terms like Vector and Hyperbolic Geometry but I have yet to find something fitting yet cool sounding :) just google "aimbot math" and you'll see how it actually works, even in real life with auto-targetting turrets

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I was gonna touch it up in a paint program but Im not that invested in the idea to spend any longer on it. This is the general twist I was imagining. The Corpus Security Camera head and the dual MOA guns (predator style) the rest is just a general corpus theme with the important part being the circuits that meld into the organic style of warframe "muscles"


the head during awareness could sweep with the fanned scanning lasers


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Does it have a hat and a smartphone?

I'm sorry, I had to.


Anyway interesting, unique concept. Some of the abilities would probably cause a lot of outrage (especially the aimbot), but I find it cool.

Might wanna remove the debuff from #2 though, I don't think it's needed.

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