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Key Matchmaking


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Hosts can list a room.


Player can queue up for a certain key, or maybe multiple keys.


Then the system would send invites on behalf of the host.


If you miss an invite, you'll stay near the top.


If you miss too many invites you'll be kicked out of the queue.


Once you join you'll be removed from any queue you're still in.

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That would just encourage people to be lazy and leech other's hard work in obtaining keys.


I vote no on this

Their hard work obtaining keys by... running keys.

To get keys because that's how you get keys.


... wait.


Where did the first key come from?  Maybe the first key just randomly willed itself into existence in the inventory of a player, and through that player and three others that were invited it procreated itself, spawning slightly-changed copies of itself into their inventories afterwards.  From there it spread itself forth, bringing new missions and rewards to other players in return for the players alloying the keys to use them as a catalyst to spawn.


Some say they've even seen keys spawn in keys of other types or higher categories.  I suspect this slight change each generation may be the way that the key creates genetic diversity.



EDIT: Typo.

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