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Okay, Defense Rewards Idea! Let's Get Positive Again!


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I don't know if this has been suggested before, or if I have last year and got shot down with the old NO! responses.. but we'll see.


I had an idea on how to make defense (or maybe DS defense? could also do this with DS Surv) more lucrative. Please by all means, critique this idea if you can think of a better way.




Every 20 waves, you have an option. Take all the rewards thus far. Or risk them until the next 20, if you do choose to continue, you will get two of the following, or one..let's leave this up for discussion. Boosts  XP boost, Credit Boost, Mod Rarity Boost, Resource Rarity Boost or Resource Boost. I get it. People will stack paid boosters. (More money for DE?)


So for instance


Wave 20, you can leave with the 4 rewards. Or double down get 1-2 boosts.


But the catch is. YOU MUST MAKE IT TO 40. If you fail before 40. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING.


When you hit 40, same thing as before. Now the boosters are a little better. And they stack on top of the previous ones.


But to make it more realistic, in terms of scale, the higher level planets will go from say 40-50. And 10 level increments.  Or not, I'm just spitballing guys. Could even work in the Void.


This would make defense a contender for Survival. I get that. A little shuffling of rewards would fix that.


I'll leave it open here. Hopefully you guys like it.

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Hell, even throw in a boss every 10 levels between double downs. That Vor idea was cool. Shake it up. Put some pressure on the team playing.

I want there to be a 10% chance Lephantis randomly appears, breaks the floor, and screws everything over for the lols. Then you kill him and he drops a vauban part.

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*looks left*


*looks right*


*looks left again*


Good idea!


Why did they say NO! in the first place?




I dunno. I get a lot of bold NO! responses in my feedback. Maybe I was just afraid to suggest it.


I need to work on my titles though.

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Also, what's stopping this from being like a nightmare mode? I mean not nightma..


Oh my god.




If you do it in nightmare, you gamble for nightmare, event? (don't kill me!) vault rewards.

..okay I might've gone too far.

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