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Warframe: Chronos (Melee, Support Caster, Time Theme)


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I'm sure this has been suggested over 9,000 times already, but I ended up spending a fair bit of time (ha, ha) thinking about it, so decided to commit my thoughts to the forums.



A waframe around the idea of manipulating the flow of time.



Supporting caster, melee.

Fairly high base speed (eg within 10% of the highest base warframe speed).

Fairly high armor.

High HP.

Poor shields.

Fairly high energy.

Fairly high stamina and regen.




Imposing build

Long robes/trenchcoat

Very minimalist helmet - enough to enclose a human head, with flat, forward-facing "lenses" where the eyes would be found


Yes, it sounds a fair bit like Morpheous from "The Matrix", for whatever reason, I seem to think this could work well.




Time Dilation

Dilates time around Chronos, slowing enemies and all* projectiles.

A homogenous effect within a spherical area radiating from his location at the time of casting.

Appears as if the space within the sphere is denser.

Allies are not affected (but their projectiles are*).

HIgher ranks increase the slow amount and duration.

Makes dodging enemy attacks much easier, allowing the user and allies to engage with melee.

At higher rank/strength could be used to "trap" enemies temporarily.


Unfortunately, may be unfeasible due to the hitscan nature of most weapons, in which case this could be a larger AoE which slows enemy RoF significantly nd movement speed moderately instead.

* may need to be patched due to cooperative balance issues.

Bears considerable similarity to Frost's Globe.


Reverse Vector

Reverses the vectors of enemy projectiles, sending them back to their source.

Effectively creates a planar shield in front of himself which nullifies enemy damage; this damage is instead dealt to the enemy/enemies shooting (at) the shield.

Appears like a pane of glass in front of him.

Enemies can still pass through this shield.

Higher ranks increase the range (ie the size of the shield) and duration.

Allies are not affected, and can/should hide behind the shield and shoot through it.


Similar to Volt's Shield


Tempus Fugit

Run faster, strike faster, dodge faster - your mobility and combat abilities are greatly enhanced.

Slightly boosts (eg 2.5% at rank 0 and 10% at rank 3) run speed, jump height and attack speed (both melee and ranged) (also reload speed) also allows you to dodge enemy attacks (essentially invulnurability to non AoE attacks).

The most noticeable effect is the passive dodge - you can bend out of the way of enemy attacks, moving faster than the eye can see - when you dodge (ie negate damage) your warframe appears to shimmer/blur (as if moving very fast).

Higher ranks increase the "slight boost" amount and increase duration.


Similar to Volt's Accelerate, and Zephyr's Turbulence.


Regenerative Ward (Ult, Channeled)

Calling upon all his powers, Chronos accelerates time around himself to heal his and allies' wounds.

There is an initial casting time, during which players can enter or leave the affected area, which glows.

During the initial casting time, any enemies within the area are paralyzed, and other enemies are not able to enter the area (but can shoot it and hurt the caster and allies).

During the channeling, the area is encompassed in an impervious bubble (which is a pure white), he and any allies within the bubble have their hp restored at a % rate per second (eg 5% at rank 0 to 20% at rank 3). Allies (including sentinels and pet Kubrows) are not able to move or attack (or cast) until the channeling is ceased. Shields are fully restored. Consumables cannot be used inside the shield and any within the affected area are destroyed.

During the channeling, enemies caught within this effect are not healed, and are not able to attack. When the channeling is ceased, the enemies are released, with the caster and allies.

Higher ranks increase the range (ie the affected area), and healing rate.


It may be neccessary to balance the warframe by reducing the heal rate on this power with +duration mods.

Due to the fact that this power gives AoE invulvurability and healing, the channelling cost is high (eg 20 power per second).

Casting time is neccessarily long, allowing allies to enter/leave, and preventing this ability from being misused.

Potential misuse of ability to make objects invulnurable (reactor/artifact/warframe cryopod).


Second Chance (channeled)

Doing what was once thought impossible, Chronos reverses time for a single ally, bringing them back from the brink of death.

Allows the player to revive a "bleeding out" ally at range.

If there is a "bleeding out" ally within range, channeling will start reviving them (if there is not, the skill has no valid targets and is not cast, if there are several, it picks the nearest).

If the "bleeding out" ally is revived solely by Second Chance, their health is returned to a set % of their total health (eg 12.5% at rank 0, 50% at rank 3).

If another player joins the revival and continues to the end of the revival process, the "bleeding out" ally is revived with 100% health.

If another player goes into "bleeding out" state during channeling, he is ignored until the channeling is stopped and started again, at which point the nearest target to the player casting Second Chance will be revived.

Higher Ranks increase range and revival health and reduce revival duration (eg at ranks 2 and 3, this is faster than an "old fashioned" revive).


Can be used instead of one of the other skills.

Unlikely to be Ult, as it's highly situational and is a variation on an innate warframe ability to revive "bleeding out" allies.

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This does not work in a multiplayer game


"This"? Sorry, what, exactly, does not work? Did you even read past the title ("time theme")?


The abilities are based around mechanics that have essentially all been demonstrated within the game, and short of having the game engine to play with, I cannot make them any more feasible


Yes, slowing projectile speed for hitscan weapons isn't going to work, which is why i gave an alternative option for that power (as well as an alternative, 5th power). It doesn't affect allies any more than Frost's Globe does (ie allies can't shoot into it, and are not impeded by it).


Yes, essentially trapping players could be very annoying (arguably no more annoying than switch teleport, vortex, or ripline are, or at some point were), which is why I added the casting time and an implied chaneling time limit (it's high channeling cost).

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Time based abilities are not only broken but not possible.

The idea of time manipulation cannot be made because how would it affect the other player?

DE would have to do a lot of things to do this and possibly make a new engine.

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Time based abilities are not only broken but not possible.

The idea of time manipulation cannot be made because how would it affect the other player?

DE would have to do a lot of things to do this and possibly make a new engine.


Each of the 5 abilities is explained in detail, don't jump to conclusions when the answer is right in front of you. The proof of concept for each skill is already in-game in the form of various other skills and effects. Or, to sum up my response:


Read the OP.

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Yes there explained but no they would not work you cannot manipulate time within a multiplayer game.

I have stated my case and even someone else if they think about it could see my point.

Consider the programing and the games current engine before you suggest something drastic like time control.

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yeah unless the time change has limits but it will affect alot and only affect enemies except slightly slows down bosses.

if i had to have one and DE could make dis i would make


1)Quick Slash- Speeds time and does multiple slashes at once (you won't see it speed up just slashes happening at once), damaging enemies nearby.

2)Reversal- Charges up and becoming vulnerable, at the end reverses health completely restores health overtime.

3)Pause- Creates a dome of frozen time, freezing enemies in stasis (much like Bastille and Snow Globe) at the end enemies are confused overtime.

4)Void Force- sends a massive force outwards, messing up enemy existence at have a chance to rip them apart.

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