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Corrupt Vor.


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We all know how to kill Corrupt Vor, right? Well I managed to find someone that didn't know jack about him, but claimed to have killed him many times. He was a Valkyr, and this was their logic:

1. Vor can only be damaged when he is using his Ult.
2. Only Melee can Hurt Vor..
3. When Teammates go down, you can't hurt Vor.

And this soundproof logic is back with this "Fact"
"I have killed Vor many times, but not on Survival, so he must be changed if he can be Shot to death."

Don't you just wonder why some Tenno know nothing about bosses?




*Edit: I tend to make a lot of complaint threads...

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Well, some people are just too dumb to want to learn. And since they won't accept anything and consider themselves 100% correct all the time, maybe you shouldn't talk to said people. Like, you know -- Ignore them. 


But if the real thing that grinds your gears is how stupid people exist among us, well, none of us can do anything about that. >_<

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