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Dragon Keys


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Hey guys. After doing a vault run, I found these two issues that needs  to be addressed regarding dragon keys.


1. The Dragon Keys stack

I'll be writing by experience here. I have crafted a decaying key. And then I have crafted and claimed another one (because I tend to create at least one extra because I don't want to run out of gear but that's just me). 

So I equipped the decaying dragon key and had less than 200 shields (I have maxed redirection) and I didn't compute how much should my shield was (It was supposed to be around 278 or 277).


After getting the corrupted mod, it had the bleeding key debuff so my HP went to 278. I noticed by this point that my shields did not went up to it's normal value because I still have another decaying dragon key equipped but it was certainly higher than having two decaying keys. 


TLDR: Having more of the Dragon Key gives you multiple debuff. 


Math stuff in the spoiler

I don't know how you guys in DE do it  but as an IT student, this is how I see a pseudocode that recreates the computation:


I will type the variables in bold


dKey = amount of decaying keys

s = shields

i = iteration (starts with the value of 1)

debuff = 75%



while (i <= dKey)


         s = s - (s * debuff);





Possible solution: Make the game check if you are holding a dragon key before starting the mission. No amount of how many but a simple true or false on whether a key is equipped. Will turn false if a key is used to open the vault and will check again if a dragon key is equipped back on the lobby.


2. The Dragon Keys are equipped even not on derelicts

Nothing wrong with this one, I mean, people can bring some if they want to give themselves a handicap.

However, this is annoying to those who forgot to unequip it and realizes it in the middle of a mission. Another issue is a new player is carrying one without knowing the effects and the use of one. 


Possible solution: After selecting a node, put a message that tells the player that he has a dragon key equipped. Give it these three buttons:

1. Continue - Dismiss the message and continue as normal

2. Unequip - Unequips the key automatically or brings the player to the Gear section of the arsenal

3. Learn More - Will bring them to a codex entry on what are dragon keys and their uses


An option in the options menu can be added to disable these messages



Thank you and have a good day


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