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Wts Or Trade A Lot Of Things!

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I am willing to sell fairly cheap to clean up my inventory.
Also don't mind trading for the few items I don't have yet.
Just PM me in game: Judge_Hellboy

Prime Weapon Blueprints

AKBronco Prime BP
Ankyros Prime Blade
Boar Prime BP
Boar Prime Receiver
Boar Prime Stock
Boltor Prime Stock
Braton Prime BP
Braton Prime Stock
Burston Prime Barrel
Burston Prime Receiver
Dakra Prime BP
Dakra Prime Handle
Fang Prime Blade
Fang Prime BP
Glaive Prime Disc
Latron Prime Barrel
Latron Prime BP
Latron Prime Stock
Lex Prime Receiver
Orthos Prime Blade
Orthos Prime BP
Orthos Prime Handle
Paris Prime BP
Paris Prime Lower Limb
Paris Prime String
Reaper Prime BP
Sicarus Prime Barrel
Sicarus Prime BP

Prime Warframe/Sentinel Blueprints

Ember Prime BP
Ember Prime Chassis
Ember Prime Helmet
Frost Prime Chassis
Frost Prime Helmet
Frost Prime Systems
Mag Prime BP
Mag Prime Chassis


Corrosive Projection
Sniper Scavenger
Pistol Scavenger
Rifle Amp
Rifle Scavenger
Shield Disruption

Brutal Tide
Cleaving Whirlwind
Sundering Weave
Sundering Strike

Barrel Diffusion
Coolant Leak
Energy Channel
Malignant Force
Natural Talent
Pistol Pestilence
Power Throw
Reflex Guard
Split Chamber
Steady Hands
Virulent Scourge
Vital Sense
Charged Chamber
Contagious Spread

I may have other mods that you need so feel free to ask.

I am looking for these items:
I'm not looking to use plat to buy these just yet, only trades for above stuff if viable.

Bo Prime Handle
Glaive Prime Blade x2
Loki Chassis
Loki Helm

Arcane Scorpion (Ash)
Arcane Reverb (Banshee)
Arcane Vespa (Nyx)
Arcane Chlora (Saryn)
Arcane Meridian (Trinity)
Arcane Storm (Volt)

Bleeding Willow
Charged Shell
Crimson Dervish
Critical Delay
Crushing Ruin
Gleaming Talon
Grim Fury
Gnashing Payara
Hollow Point
Homing Fang
Iron Phoenix
Life Strike
Master Thief
Pathogen Rounds
Pointed Wind
Seeking Force
Shotgun Spazz
Speed Holster
Stalking Fan
Sure Footed
Tainted Mag
Tranquil Cleave

Feel free to PM me in game Judge_Hellboy for any trades or inquiries!

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