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With random drop rates it looks like DE want us spent some specific amount of time getting one part. and its ok.


With 1% chance to drop Loki chassis average player will do 100 missions 20 minutes each = 30 hours.

This is not that bad in perfect world, but in reality it means some people will do 1 mission and some will do 1000.


But why dont add guaranteed drop, some kind of achievments, based on total amount of missions done, minutes survived or waves defended with guaranteed drops form 100 waves to 10 000 waves, atleast you will not lose you hope in gods of random and get everything that can drop from survival even after 100h of playing survival.


1% chance of getting some part from extermiante mission means that you need to do ~100 of them.

Or with 200 missions done you will get this part guaranteed.


With some adjustments this wont even change big picture, average player will spent same amount of time farming for same part but with less frustration.

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