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Full Choke Shotgun Mod


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I've been leveling a good number of weapons for the mastery here lately, and I finally pulled out my Strun Wraith I got, and got the boar prime built, and they weren't too bad; although I wouldnt say I'm a huge fan when it's compared to my Dread, other bows, or my Dera and Boltor Prime, but, they are kinda of growing on me. I started looking at mods and builds and came up with a decent one based on some advice from a guy that I took when building my Carriers Sweeper up. I was very suprised though that there was no "Full Choke" mod. There is only a mod to make the spread wider, and with the shotgun I have played, I don't think i would ever use a mod that made the spread even wider, but I would love a mod that tighten the pattern up a little bit. Not sure anyone has posted this idea before, but thought I would throw it out there.


Theres a currupted mod that reduces fire rate, but also reduces spread.Helps to counter vicious spread.


I'll edit this post once I think of the name, but I'll probably get ninja'd


Edit: Tainted Shell



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