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S0Cial's Little Shop Of Horrors! Rare Mods And Prime Parts!

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All items are up for sale, first come first serve. Prices are negotiable, especially if you want to bundle pieces together to do a package deal.



Berserker x2 - 5p ea

Burdened Magazine x2 - 5p ea

Coolant Leak - 10p

Energy Channel x3 - 5p ea

Fired Up x4 - 10p ea

Firestorm x2 - 10p ea

Flow - 10p

Heavy Trauma - 5p

Life Strike - 5p

Metal Auger x2 - 5p ea

Power Throw x2 - 5p ea

Seeker - 5p

Spare Parts x3 - 5p ea

Split Chamber - 10p

Spoiled Strike x5 - 5p ea

Stabilizer x5 - 5p ea

Steady Hands x5 - 5p ea

Streamline x3 - 5p ea

Stretch - 5p

Sundering Strike x3 - 5p ea

Tainted Clip x2 - 5p ea

Vicious Spread x2 - 5p ea

Vital Sense x6 - 5p ea


Prime Parts:

Boar P BP x2 - 5p ea

Boltor P Receiver x6 - 5p ea

Boltor P Stock - 5p

Burston P Barrel x3 - 3p ea

Burston P Stock x2 - 3p ea

Dakra P Handle - 3p

Ember P BP x3 - 5p ea

Ember P Helmet - 3p

Fang P Blade x3 - 5p ea

Frost P Helmet x2 - 5p ea

Latron P Receiver x3 - 3p ea

Latron P Stock - 3p

Mag P Chassis x2 - 3p ea

Mag P Helmet - 5p

Paris P Lower Limb x2 - 3p ea


Message me on PSN, reply to this post or send me a forum PM. PSN messages will be responded to quicker than replies or PMs through the forums. I will keep this thread updated as things sell. Thanks for looking and happy hunting!


PSN is s0cially0bsolete (those are zeroes, not capitol O's)

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