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[O3O] Newbie Social/farming & Veteran In-House Pvp Tournament W/ Prizes... Clan


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Salutations, Tenno,


What you see is what you get. This clan is in fact named "o3o". 

What is "o3o?" You may ask? It is Duckface. If you do not see the duck, well, you are a blasphemer and Duckie does not appreciate such infidelity! o3o


This is a generally rule-free clan that isn't seeking to restrict people. In fact, we prefer our members to be a little eccentric... a little "out there," if you catch my meaning. That said, general courtesy and respect of ALL members regardless of rank is expected. If you are warmed-up to members and friendly with them, then telling them **** you or whatever is fine--so long as both parties are aware that it's said in jest. Just remember, sometimes sarcasm does not carry very well through text. Think before you speak, a little bit, please. ;x


We are a budding clan that has never actively sought members to any real extent. In so far, we have only recruited based on people we have met in games, or in Region chat. It is a moderately social clan with a strong emphasis on assisting newer players. That said, this is not a clan that will carry you forever, and if you are intending on using without any intent on giving back, you will not last long in our dojo.


We also have a more "advanced/professional" group of players looking for slightly more hardcore-minded players. We welcome veterans possessing game knowledge with open arms to be mentors to newer players and share their experiences.



Many of our members live on the West Coast. Please be aware of this when forming squads with clanmates. -3-


We do not "do vault runs," nor are we a "key farming clan." That said, we do go on vault runs, and of course we farm keys. But that is not our singular focus, because we are not one-dimensional human beings. :P


Our dojo has all research fully completed, because quite frankly that is kind of a big benefit of having a clan. This means you will have access to all blueprints via ClanTech off the bat, including Clan-Only Warframes! o3o

The dojo itself is under moderate construction, however, all vital aspects of the dojo are fully implemented on the main floor. Its basement is for alternative garbage such as barracks, reactors and an obstacle course. Its upper floors are predominantly garden rooms and eventually an Observatory where we will install Trading Posts for some pretty scenery during your trading sessions.


We have all of our newer members undergo a series of "tests" within a week or so of your initial recruitment. These tests are not a Succeed or Fail type of test. That would just be elitist, and not very chillax. Instead, we only wish to play with you under a set series of circumstances so we can adapt to your playstyle, and hopefully you to ours.



- The Naked Snake Test

You will be required to remove all mods from your weapons and your warframe and enter into Lares, Mercury with a squad of three other clan mates. All participating members are forbidden from using any mod that is not a Warframe Ability mod. Any mods on primary, secondary or melee are forbidden in this test. There is no set goal, and we often simply go as far as we can. This is not a difficult test. It is merely one that requires mobility, perception, and basic gameplay understanding.



- The Rushing Mountain Test

You will enter into a Void T2 Capture and asked to take down the first capture target by yourself. The rest of the team will not battle other enemies but will use crowd controls so that we can run ahead of you, intentionally leaving the test target behind to blitz through the enemies we leave for you. Again, this is not a difficult test. It is merely to assess your capabilities so we know how you play, what mods you may need, and any advice we may be able to give you regarding parkour maneuvers to increase your survivability under harsh circumstances.



- The Field Medic Test

Possibly the only "hard" test you will undergo. We will enter into a Void T2 Exterminate mission (or T3 depending on key availability) wherein one member will be using a self-damaging weapon to commit constant suicide in difficult-to-reach places, often engulfed in enemies. This test is to examine your reflexive thinking and how you react instinctively without putting too much actual thought into it.

FOREWARNING: If you try to rez w/o killing enemies or applying CC moves, we will have a talking to with you. :P




Please note that none of these tests are intended to make you feel bad or act haughty, or to flaunt anything above others. They are merely a means to get new recruits into playing with existing members, so you are not wallflowering yourself and feel excluded from squad activities.




Our clan will soon be hosting in-house PVP tournaments within our dojo's Dueling Halls. On either Friday or Saturday nights (nerds only! o3o), we will have tournaments with house rules instituted to ensure balanced fights between long-time and newcomer players. Tournament bouts are designed to be actual fights and not one-offs of who can get the most OP cheap shot off first. We have spent a good deal of time designing and testing this out, however, it is not absolutely set in stone as of yet. The goal is fair and balanced fights, and further suggestions are always welcome.

Our general rule set is:


* ABSOLUTELY NO SENTINELS AT ALL. Even spectators are not allowed to bring Sentinels as they can screw up a bout by taking shots from auto-targeing moves such as Ash's Shuriken, and then the sentinel will begin firing on those sparring.


* Melee Only (No Primaries. No Secondaries)

- The Following Mods and ONLY the following melee mods are permitted:

Warrior's Grip

True Punishment





Energy Channel

Reflex Coil and Corrupt Charge are allowed for now, but we have not fully tested them enough to say with certainty that it will be allowed permanently, and are thus subject to change. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE MODS THEY WILL BE  PROVIDED FOR YOU FOR FREE BY OTHER CLAN MEMBERS.


* Warframes may only equip their FIRST Frame Ability and a Vitality mod. Currently we are asking you use a 6-point-cost Vitality. This is subject to change in the future. We have not instituted any blacklisting of frames as of yet, but if enough members agree, that too is subject to change.


The more serious-end players will in the advanced tournament brackets will be allowed to use the following non-damage non-shield related mods such as:

Natural Talent

Quick Rest




Reflex Guard

Shock Absorbers

Steel Fiber ONLY for Lower-End Armor frames with an armor rating of 15. (Subject to change if it actually makes a difference (it really shouldn't))




This is not a complete list and is very much intended to be clan-designed and agreed upon with more thorough official rules posted elsewhere. Where? Join and find out! o3o



* Tournament participation mandates that you use an Extinguished Dragon Key to reduce your melee damage by 75%. We are not looking for 5-second quickdraws in the Conclaves. We are looking for actual fights that are as knock-down and drag-out as can be.


* A grip type will be decided beforehand. Participants are required to use a the same weapon type to keep the entire tournament on even footing. We do not need a Heat Dagger and its ability to infinitely parry forever wrecking someone wielding a Scindo or a Jat Kittag. You will be informed in advance what the weapon grip will be and given sufficient time to prepare a weapon for the week's tournament.



Rare mods. Platinum. Prime parts. Anything that can be traded, more or less. Please bear in mind that all tournament prizes are donations by other members and are not an infinite resource. That said, we are interested in providing actual prizes, and not handing out Vital Senses. Though, we are considering having prize pools of multiple rare mods as a "transmutation pack" of same-polarity rares.



What we are NOT looking for:

Selfish people.

Impatient people.

Non-communacative people.

Arrogant know-it-alls.




Nothing, other than "don't be a jerk face."

This clan is no-strings attached. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable, you are free to leave at your whim, regardless of anything, no questions asked. This is a video game. It is meant to be fun, and you are choosing to spend YOUR TIME playing it. This clan's purpose is to provide a relaxed environment of reliable folk that can give you a taxi to an alert, give you a carry through a mission you just can't handle, or just want some help with because you feel like having someone you can trust on hand. Our older members are willing to provide any assistance you may need within the realm of possibility and reason.


And lastly...



Either post here with your in-game name or try to send me a PM in game by typing "/w DiosGX <message here>" or by contacting Deadshot408 with the same /w whispering command.

If we are not online, please feel free to add us to your Friends List and stalk us until we're available!

Looking forward to meeting some new folks. Don't be shy. We're not THAT insane... o3o

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