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1St Attempt At Wave 100 In Dark Sector Endless Defense


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So, we kind of didn't make it. Wave 97, a charger took a single swipe at the cryopod when we didn't notice it and insta-killed the poor frozen Tenno.


Anyway, here's a screenshot from just before the mission failed (sorry the quality isn't awesome, but it's from the video I was taking). I'll upload the video of waves 50-97 as soon as I get the chance.


In other news, HOLY MOSES! Those chargers had damage!


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what was the team, i see a nyx?

if you want to go for wave 100, why not do the easy way.

Vauban with vortex, nova with negative strenght, and a nekros


We weren't initially intending to head for level 100, so we were running kind of whatever... 1 level 30 Nyx, 1 level 21 Nyx, and a level 9 Excalibur. Our Penta->Nyx damage was high enough that we thought we might be able to make the run. Almost did.

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