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Wrist Darts


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The idea is fairly simple. The weapon is a secondary. It goes on your wrist. Shoots darts with huge kinetic force. Automatic.

Now, I thought about it for a bit, and I figured:


-Projectile Speed: 75.0

-100% accuracy

-20 round magazine.

-Reload: 1 second


-Physical Dmg: 65

-IMPACT: 25 20


-SLASH: 15

-Critical Chance: 2%

-Crit Damage: x4.0

-Status: 25%


Please, if you do not like the stats/info I have listed, feel free to modify it.



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Maybe decrease the Impact by 5 and increase the Puncture by 5, doesn't make much sense that the darts would be super balanced in terms of Punct/Impact


Like the idea too, it'd be sexy to have another alternate weapon concept like that.

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Can you imagine running into a room and shooting up the place with darts? Not just any darts, but darts that have a great status chance and awesome critical bonus if you got it :D

lol u run into a room and shoot enemies with darts or stealth into the room and silently shoot them like kunais.

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I was thinking the same thing recently. Here are my ideas to share since you spawned the thread already:


- Might sorta look like Black Widow's weapons. Animations: wrist forward with other hand on forearm when active. Current firing tube raises up. Rotates & raised tube switched to the next firing tube each shot. 

(totally silent weapon, yes!)


- VERY high status chance, reaching 100% or more when modded (this is what I imagine core function of weapon is)

- Low firing rate (0.8) & clip size (like 5-8) so its more a careful aim, guaranteed status, repeat.

- 1.0 reload seems cool

- Base damage maybe 50 Puncture, 15 Impact 10 slash in my imagining (or even just puncture & impact)



This is my idea of why it would not totally suck in the way less badass stats above:
+30% base status effect increase - Status (including impact stagger & puncture weaken!) almost always happens on a hit & to greater effect.

new mods could alter this (for other weapons as well but benefitting this weapon greatly)

ex: Corrosive/Puncture/Freeze/Radiation have longer duration;  Fire/Toxin have greater damage per tick ; Viral/Magnetic reduce health/shields more. Electricity chains more?stuns longer?


It seems like this would be pretty powerful as a silent, careful, guaranteed status proc & quite ninja-themed! In a pinch, you could light a nearby foe on fire, or slow them down to get yourself some space, but mainly I picture it an assist weapon for your team (or self: ex. guaranteed corrode or magnetic proc, then stealth attack for sure kill!)


[my 2+ cents :)]

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