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Apathyzer0's Shop#18

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Hello and welcome to my shop. If you see something you are interested in /w me in game or feel free to leave a message here. I'm usually on between 19:00 and 24:00 PST.


All prices are listed in plat but I am willing to do some trading. If you have any questions about any of my goods or policies don't be afraid to ask.

I am now offering deals for all my items in a full set. The set will include all prime parts and bp needed to build the item.


--Prime Parts and BP's--


Ankyros Prime BP ------x6---5pt


Bo Prime Ornament------x2---5pt


Boar Prime BP ---------x9---5pt

Boar Prime Barrel------x1---30pt

Boar Prime Reciever----x15--2pt

Boar Prime Stock-------x4---10pt

Boar Prime Set---------x1---40pt


Boltor Prime Barrel----x5---10pt

Boltor Prime Reciver---x4---5pt

Boltor Prime Stock-----x25--2pt


Braton Prime BP--------x25--2pt

Braton Prime Barrel----x1---10pt

Braton Prime Stock-----x3---5pt


Bronco Prime BP--------x19--2pt


AKBronco Prime BP------x9---5pt


Burston Prime Barrel---x9---5pt

Burston Prime Reciever-x5---5pt

Burston Prime Stock----x15--2pt


Dakra Prime BP---------x1---5pt

Dakra Prime Blade------x4---10pt

Dakra Prime Handle-----x1---15pt

Dakra Prime Set--------x1---25pt


Fang Prime BP----------x3---5pt

Fang Prime Blade-------x2---10pt

Fang Prime Handle------x2---10pt

Fang Prime Set---------x1---40pt


Glaive Prime Disk------x19--2pt


Latron Prime BP--------x3---5pt

Latron Prime Barrel----x2---5pt

Latron Prime Reciever--x13--2pt

Latron Prime Stock-----x2---10pt

Latron Prime Set-------x1---20pt


Lex Prime Reciever-----x1---20pt


Orthos Prime BP--------x11--5pt

Orthos Prime Blade-----x3---20pt

Orthos Prime Handle----x8---5pt

Orthos Prime Set-------x1---50pt


Paris Prime BP---------x8---5pt

Paris Prime String-----x10--5pt

Paris Prime Upper Limb-x1---30pt

Paris Prime Lower Limb-x10--5pt


Reaper Prime BP--------x6---5pt

Reaper Prime Blade-----x8---10pt

Reaper Prime Handle----x7---10pt

Reaper Prime Set-------x5---20pt


Sicarus Prime BP-------x4---10pt

Sicarus Prime Barrel---x12---2pt


Ember Prime BP---------x1---5pt

Ember Prime Helmet-----x10--5pt

Ember Prime Chassis----x22--2pt


Frost Prime BP---------x11--5pt

Frost Prime Helmet-----x7---5pt

Frost Prime Chassis----x8---5pt

Frost Prime Systems----x5---5pt

Frost Prime Set--------x5---20pt


Mag Prime BP-----------x10--5pt

Mag Prime Helmet-------x2---5pt

Mag Prime Chassis------x19--2pt


Rhino Prime BP---------x1---20pt

Rhino Prime Helmet-----x2---15pt

Rhino Prime Chassis----x2---20pt

Rhino Prime Systems----x13--2pt

Rhino Prime Set--------x1---55pt



Only rare mods are listed, if you're looking for a common or uncommon just let me know.

All mods are unranked and I'm not currently dealing in ranked mods.






Enemy Sense------------x2---10pt






Natural Talent---------x7---5pt

Quick Thinking---------x3---10pt


Reflex Guard-----------x20--2pt



Undying Will-----------x6---5pt




Accelerated Blast------x3---10pt




Hell's Chamber---------x8---15pt

Heavy Calibur----------x0---20pt

Malignant Force--------x2---15pt

Metal Auger------------x5---5pt


Rifle Ammo Mutation----x3---15pt


Sniper Ammo Mutation---x1---15pt

Split Chamber----------x2---20pt



Vile Precision---------x2---15pt

Vital Sense------------x15--2pt





Barrel Diffusion-------x2---20pt

Hollow Point-----------x1---15pt

Ice Storm--------------x2---10pt

Pistol Pestilence------x4---15pt


Steady Hands-----------x11--5pt





Energy Channel---------x10--5pt

Focus Energy-----------x2---10pt

Heavy Trauma-----------x5---10pt

Life Strike------------x1---15pt

Power Throw------------x18--2pt

Rending Strike---------x1---10pt

Virulent Scourge-------x1---15pt

Sundering Strike-------x18--2pt





Cleaving Whirlwind-----x2---15pt

Coiling Viper----------x4---15pt

Crossing Snakes--------x2---15pt

Iron Pheonix-----------x3---15pt




Coolant Leak-----------x1---15pt

Fired Up---------------x9---5pt




Enemy Radar------------x2---5pt


Pistol Scavenger-------x5---5pt


Rifle Amp--------------x1---15pt

Rifle Scavenger--------x6---5pt

Shield Disruption------x3---5pt

Shotgun Scavenger------x2---5pt

Sniper Scavenger-------x5---5pt

Speed Holster----------x5---5pt

Sprint Boost-----------x1---10pt

Steel Charge-----------x4---15pt




Rare 5 Core Package----3 for 5pt



There are currently some things I'm looking for listed below. If you prefer trading over spending plat then you can use these items to trade for things in my shop.


Blind Rage

Brutal Tide

Crimson Dervish

Flailing Branch

Fleeting Expertise

Gleaming Talon

Grim Fury

Homing Fang

Loot Detector

Pointed Wind

Seismic Palm

Stalking Fan

Sure Footed



T3 Keys----------------valued at 5pt


Rare 5 Cores-----------valued at 2pt



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