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Question About Mod Sharing Between Player Weapons And Sentinel Weapons


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I equipped Soma on my warframe, and Deth Machine Rifle on my sentinel. I tried putting the same Split Chamber mod onto both, but it would only let me put the mod on one or the other.


I then tried this with Wraith Twin Vipers, Burst Laser, and the Barrel Diffusion mod, respectively. This time, it DID let me share the mod between both.


My last experiment involved Dragon Nikana, Deconstructor, and a Pressure Point mod. That successfully shared, too.


So does mod sharing only not work when it comes to primary weapon types and their comparative sentinel weapons (Laser Rifle, Deth Machine Rifle, Stinger, Sweeper)? If so, why is that?

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i'm pretty sure that you will find better answers in player helping players section


also, none of your mods should be equippable at the same time on multyple gear pieces ...or at least it's what i'v experienced so far

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