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Why No Select Fire Weapons?


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I mean, most other shooter games have weapons that can be fired full auto, but you can change them to semi auto for extra range. you could have the normal crosshair when full auto, but it could be so that when you switch to semi, the zoom increases a bit.


I realize not all weapons would work with this, but it could be useful and fun.

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I think semi / auto is very possible without new buttons.


The Gorgon used to be this sort of weapon, where you could tap single shots like a semi-auto or hold it down and go automatic. It worked because the accuracy bloom reset was near instant so tapping it meant no bloom, just headshot after headshot until you wanted to DPS.


They nerfed it so that accuracy bloom takes a while to reset, limiting firing rate on single shots. It's now a perfect semi-auto / auto select fire, but no one plays this way anymore because the player has NO IDEA when that accuracy bloom has reset or not from shot to shot. Even the die hard fans who insisted on using it that way for a while, were really just waiting way too long between shots. The mechanic is good, the communication is what's bad. You need to give players a queue that the bloom has reset and it's accuracy is back to full again.







This is my suggestion for a Grineer heavy assault rifle. A 'gamer's AK-47' if you will. Slow firing heavy assault rifle with accuracy bloom per shot much like the Gorgon has, where the first shot is accurate and it loses accuracy with each shot.


All I did was ask that the weapon have an animation that shows when it's accurate and inaccurate, by having the bolt closure take longer than the refire time, so when you see that the bolt is closed again and hear it clank shut, you know you can fire again. CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK semi-auto firing, or if you hold it down that animation doesn't have a chance to finish and keeps being reset by new shots because, again, the animation is longer than the refire time, so the excuse for accuracy loss is that the weapon is 'overclocked' sort of, and firing without a fully closed bolt.


I'm not a programmer, but I think that this is pretty straightforward. A sound is queued to play only when the animation completes. The weapon's animation would just be interrupted and reset over and over again in full auto by the firing of each shot because the time between shots is less than the time it takes to animate so the bolt would never go forward in the player's view. If you tap a single shot with no additional input, that same animation would not be interrupted and allowed to finish. The bolt is seen closing, the clanky bolt close sound plays, the player knows they can fire again.

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Oh god yes +1


Full auto rifles could switch between full auto and semi auto.


Other special weapons could have different modes all together, maybe Ogris could switch between fast rocket or slow homing rocket, Hek could switch between shoot 1 or 4 shots. Tigris could switch between shot or slug. The possibilities are endless.

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