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Would It Be Possible To Increase Magazines Warp's % Per Round For The Sybaris?


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I wasn't expecting the Sybaris to be treated like the Penta and Ogris where every 10% increase with Magazine Warp only added an additional rocket/grenade and for the Sybaris an extra round for a total of 13 rounds with maxed Magazine Warp.


That's odd considering this is a 2-round burst fire weapon which gets a total of 13 rounds. An odd number of rounds with an even number of burst shots.


It would be easier to just add 2 rounds per 10% increase in Magazine Warp as it finishes with a total of 16 rounds as well as being an even number. I don't have Tainted Mag that also increases clip size so I'm just going by with what I have right now, so unless otherwise, 16 rounds seems better than 13 rounds with Magazine Warp.


An extra 3 rounds is no big deal, but it just bothers me that Magazine Waro gives a 2-burst shot weapon an odd number of rounds, that and it just feels too low in general

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Having any weapon have special cases with certain mods would only open the doors for more mods to do the same and it would only lead to the mod system being confusing and unpredictable. However, having weapon specific mods (like Thunderbolt for Bows) could be an interesting course. i.e. a capacity mod exclusively for burst-fire primaries.


I do see what you're getting at though but from personal experience I can say that even going up to 18 rounds is not all 'that' worth it for all the mod capacity necessary. imo

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