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Nightmare Mods.


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It's an old problem, yet haven't been fixed. So, to rewind this in hopes for solution, here it goes.

Let's look at 2 groups of modes: First, Vigor, Vitality redirection and second, wildfire, hellfire, magazine warp



Vigor: up to +120% shield and health, cost 11

Vitality: up to +440% health, cost 12

Redirection: up to +440% shield, cost 14

As you can see, both sides of effects are weaker. If we will take both vitality and redirection at 120% gain, they'll take 2 slots and will cost 10 points. Doesn't sound so much unbalanced.



Wildfire: up to +20% mag capacity, +60% fire damage, cost 9

Magazine warp: up to +30% mag capacity, cost 9

Hellfire: up to +90% fire damage, cost 11

Both sides of effects are weaker, But then, lf we'll take 20% mag cap Magazine warp and 45% hellfire, they'll take 2 slots and 15(!) points against 9. In my book ,it's very unbalanced.


Same problem with Ice storm and Blaze.

I haven't mention Hammershot and Stunning speed due to how status chance works. Should it be buffed, these mods will become OP, too.

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