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Wts\wtt Mods\prime Parts

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I am looking to sell the following:




Energy Siphon (and almost all of the rest of the auro mods)

Coolent Leak

Fired Up

Barrel Diffusion

Hornet Strike


and more...


Stance mods:


Coiling Viper

Seismic Palm

and some of the common/uncommon ones (whips, machete, stave, hammer)


Prime parts:


Latron (everything except bp)

Bolter stock

Fang handle

Rhino system

Ember helmet/chassis

Mag bp/system

Bronco bp

Akbronco bp

Sicarus bp/barrel


Arcane Helmets:


Vanguard, Locust, Chorus, Aurora, Essence, Backdraft, Phoenix, Reverb, Pulse


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